DINERO — World’s First All-in-One Pay-Everywhere Solution!

DINERO — World’s First All-in-One Pay-Everywhere Solution!

Dinero One aims to serve as a “block-based multibased money-based platform” that will help businesses solve their money flow problems. Despite the use of this network, customers will be able to gain access to “ease of learning, safe, and fast costs” through the use of various emergency cryptoes. At this point, it should also be mentioned that Dinero will be able to be used for transition owners, as well as customers.

Advantages of DINERO

Independent multipurpose solution intended for coffee shops, restaurants, shops, etc. Pay or exchange cryptocurrency in your favorite place with ease.

+ Pay with cryptocurrencies:
Dineroone will be enabler of cryptocurrency payments in the real world.
Pay for your coffee or croissant with digital currencies in a simple and safe way.

+ Automatic cash counting:
Forget about counting or worrying about your cash and focus on what matters most to your business.
Dineroone will count cash automatically and report it in real time.

+ ATM everywhere:
Save time by exchanging cryptocurrency for cash just around the corner.
Turning your neighbourhood places into exchanges by creating wide range of independend cryptocurrency ATM’s

+ All-in-One solution:
PC, cash register, POS device and invoicing system — in one device!
Just plug-in your Dineroone, stop worrying and start earning money

1. The platform Dinero One will offer

1.1. Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer with the ability to count money itself

In order for business owners to avoid the above-described problems, the Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer has the ability to count the money itself as its main task.

Money counting will be automatic, i.e. dynamic and in real-time.

Dineroone will work in such a way that when the drawer is opened, money is placed in it and the cash drawer is closed. It will calculate changes in denominations (coins and banknotes) on its own and display the total balance on the screen (module) that is part of the cash drawer, and on other devices (described below).

Each cash transaction — withdrawing and/or depositing cash from/into the drawer (the drawer opens, the transaction is executed, the drawer closes) will be recorded in a database, which can be accessed through a user-friendly interface. Data recording will help business owners better analyze cash flow, identify potential issues, etc.

1.2. Dineroone with the ability to accept credit-card payments

We are all familiar with payments via debit and credit cards (Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Diners, etc.). It should be noted that business entities that offer this kind of payment lose a portion of their revenue (a fee) for each transaction that is made with such cards and they usually pay fixed monthly fees for using the card-based POS device from the local card providers (most often banks).
With Dineroone, a small portable POS device will come free as an option that will allow card payments with lower fees and the conversion of credit card money into cash or cryptocurrency (currency exchange).

1.3. Dineroone with the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments
The portable POS module (or modules, if more are needed) for card payments will also be used to pay with cryptocurrencies no matter which cryptocurrency is used. Dineroone will be regularly synchronized with all relevant stock exchanges on which those cryptocurrencies are listed, based on which the average value of a cryptocurrency will be obtained, or a single exchange chosen by the business will be used to determine the current value of a cryptocurrency.

Businesses will be able to choose which option they want to use.

Let’s say a user wants to pay for a coffee with the BCH (Bitcoin Cash) cryptocurrency. The café employee will convert the price of the coffee from the local FIAT currency (e.g. €1 + commission) to BCH and display the QR code on our portable POS module. The buyer will scan this QR code with their mobile phone and transfer the converted amount of BCH from their wallet to the business’ wallet, i.e. to the Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer located in the café.

In the same way, a buyer may exchange a certain amount of cryptocurrency into cash (currency exchange).

In this case, with its platform, the Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer has the role of a proxy or mediator between relevant currency exchanges and businesses.

The important thing of this everyday business for both businesses and users (customers) is simplicity, security, and speed of payment. The Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer/platform will generate a wallet address for the business for each new cryptocurrency to be used.

E.g. a customer wants to pay for a coffee with the ABC cryptocurrency, but the business does not have a wallet for that cryptocurrency. The café employee will be able to calculate the value of the coffee from the FIAT currency (plus the commission fee) into the ABC cryptocurrency and Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer/platform will automatically generate a wallet address for the ABC cryptocurrency for the business.

In that way, the Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer/platform will become a centralized place for storing various cryptocurrencies (a multi-wallet). Businesses will not have to worry about creating a wallet address. We will take care of that, and businesses can then decide whether they want to keep cryptocurrencies on the generated wallet or transfer them to a different one (to their personal wallet, to the exchange, etc.).

1.4. Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer/platform will offer a currency exchange service (ATM)

A) Conversion of credit card currency into cash
E.g. a customer in a restaurant asks for €200 (local FIAT currency) of cash, and offers his VISA card as the basis for exchange. Through our portable POS module, the restaurant employee charges the user’s card for €200 + a commission fee (e.g. 6%, i.e. €212), withdraws the amount from the customer’s account connected to the VISA card, and gives the customer €200 in cash.

B) Conversion of credit card cash into cryptocurrency
A customer wants to buy a certain amount of cryptocurrency (e.g. DNRO cryptocurrency, or any other) in the equivalent FIAT currency (e.g. €100), but is not registered on the stock exchange that trades with that cryptocurrency or is unable to make a payment with a credit card to purchase that cryptocurrency. The customer goes to a business (e.g. a newsstand) that uses DineroONE, and the newsstand employee charges him €100 + commission (e.g. 7%, i.e. €107) from the account connected to the card, and transfers the DNRO (or any other) cryptocurrency in the value of €100 to user’s wallet address.

The employee first calculated how much DNRO cryptocurrency could be purchased for €100 (e.g. 500 DNRO tokens) and, after receiving a €107 EUR (100 EUR + 7% commission) payment from the user’s credit card, the employee buys 500 DNRO tokens that are automatically transferred to the business’ (newsstand’s) wallet. After that, using the portable POS module, he scanned the QR wallet address on the user’s mobile phone and transferred 500 DNRO coins to him.

C) Conversion of cash into cryptocurrency
Same as under B) only in this case the user pays with cash.

D) Conversion of cryptocurrency into cash
E.g. A customer in a store asks for €500 of cash and offers an equivalent value in the ABC cryptocurrency (e.g. 5,000 ABC coins). On the portable POS module, the employee selects €500 as the output value and ABC cryptocurrency as the payment method. The required amount of that cryptocurrency (5,000 Coins + commission) is printed at the entry value for payment. A portable POS module generates a QR code payment for the customer to scan with their mobile phone and sends 5,500 ABC coins (500 ABC coins are commission) to the store’s wallet. After the transaction is confirmed by the employee, he gives €500 cash to the customer.

E) Conversion of cryptocurrency into another cryptocurrency
E.g. A customer wants to buy 200 XYZ coins with ABC coins in a bakery that uses the Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer/platform. On the portable POS module, the employee selects XYZ coins for output value, ABC coins as the payment method, and the required amount of that cryptocurrency with the commission included (e.g. 450 ABC coins + 45 ABC of commission) is entered under the input value. On the portable POS module, the QR code for the payment is generated, and the user scans the QR code with his mobile phone and sends 495 ABC coins to the bakery’s wallet address. After the transaction has been confirmed, (the drawer will sound an alarm for a confirmed transaction), the bakery’s employee sends 200 XYZ coins to the customer’s wallet address by scanning the QR code from the customer’s mobile phone with the portable POS module.

1.5. Dineroone with the ability to offer all-in-one hardware and software solution.
One part, or a Dineroone module, will also feature a large screen on top of the drawer (a touch-screen computer/tablet) so that business owners will have everything they need as part of the Dineroone multiverse cash drawer/platform.

They will be able to use our software for their business (the software will be universal, but customized in terms of legal regulations for each individual market) or install the appropriate operating system and use it on the Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer/platform.

Our platform will display the current balance of cash in the Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer/platform, the total balance and denomination per coin and banknote, the value of the cash in the DINERO (DNRO) cryptocurrency at the given exchange rate and the individual value of the DINERO (DNRO) cryptocurrency. The balance of the cryptocurrency and credit card transactions and their equivalents in DINERO (DNRO) cryptocurrency will also be displayed.

Along with the services offered by the Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer/platform, all of these figures will also be displayed in real-time for business owners via smartphone apps and the PC.

In order for users to know that a business offers these options, Dineroone will also come with stickers that they can stick on a visible location (e.g. on the entrance door), just like with credit card company stickers. We will also offer other promotional material, which will be present in businesses for informing users.


2.1. Selling the Dineroone multiverse drawer

Once the Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer is commercially available, the main goal is to distribute (sell) it to businesses. This is an obvious step; a classic sale with the aim of increasing the profit margin.

The distribution of the Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer is the key for creating a network of points of sale that accept all the features they offer (automatic cash counting, various payment methods, currency exchange, etc.).
2.2. Commission from credit card and cryptocurrency transactions

A) Credit/Debit cards
With credit card payments, businesses are charged credit card fees for every transaction. For example, if a product costs €100, the customer paying with a credit card is billed €100. But the business will receive this amount with the payment gateway fee deducted. This fee is e.g. 4%.

The goal is to offer businesses a lower fee for credit card transactions (e.g. 2.95%) so that they are benefited by using our payment gateway. Part of the 2.95% commission goes to us and the Investors — Token holders as our income (in equal amounts).

Payment gateways are a well-established business model, which do not require any additional explanation. Some of the service providers include: Squareup, Izettle, Cloverconnect…

B) Cryptocurrencies
With cryptocurrency payments and exchange services, part of the revenue (fee) will also go to us. When someone pays for a service with cryptocurrency (e.g. lunch at a restaurant), the converted amount of the FIAT currency to cryptocurrency will be increased by the amount of the defined fee (e.g. 7%). This 7% will be divided amongst four entities:

+ Part of the commission will go to miners to confirm transactions (for currencies that demand it, e.g. ETH)
+ Part of the commission will go to businesses as motivation to continue accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment
+ Part of the commission will go to Investors — Token holders
+ Part of the commission will go to us

Roughly speaking, most of the 7% commission goes to the businesses (e.g. 4.5%), to miners (e.g. 1.5%) and the smallest part to Investors — Token holders (e.g. 0.5%) and to us (0.5%).

The same principle applies to the exchange service fees.

The exact amounts of all commissions will be defined at a later stage and will be acceptable for all those involved.

The primary purpose of our payment gateway will be for offline businesses (as part of the Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer), but the cryptocurrency and card payment gateway will also be available to online business entities (e.g. web shops). A solution similar to the one offered by Coss.io.

2.3. Billing Software (Application)

An additional option that will be available to Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer owners is the use of our software for issuing receipts and everyday work. Our software will be integrated into the drawer. It will be placed on the touch screen located on top of the drawer and will be customized individually for each market. Along with the standalone software, there will also be API capabilities — APIs will be able to connect our software with the software the business already uses. In that way, businesses will be able to use our front-end software interface (which will be more advanced and simpler — emphasis on UX) and all the data will be stored in their existing software (back-end).

An additional option is the ability to remotely track all transactions (cash, cryptocurrencies, credit cards) with the Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer using software installed on their remote computer or smartphone. With our remote application, at any given time, business owners will be able to know how much cash is in the drawer, how many cryptocurrency and credit card transactions were completed, how many exchanges there were, the equivalent of all transactions in DINERO (DNRO) cryptocurrency, the individual value of the DINERO (DNRO), etc.

The main software, API software, and remote software will be available to customers with a payment of symbolic monthly fees — e.g. €0.99 EUR per month for remote software, €9.99 EUR per month for
the main software, €4.99 EUR per month for API (front-end), etc. Precise fees will defined at a later date.


Following the development of the Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer/platform, marketing preparation for product launch and customer prospecting will be done.

This is a standard business procedure, setting up partnerships and negotiating with customers (emphasis will be placed on customers ordering large quantities of drawers), even before the product is completed. Marketing activity will be present throughout the development phase of the Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer/platform, especially after the product is ready for monetization, in order to increase sales.

Marketing has always been essential for a product’s success, especially today, when we have everything in excess and when it is harder than ever to get the customer’s attention.

Given the uniqueness and innovation of our future product — the Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer and platform, with YOUR help, and top development, sales, and marketing experts (with a special emphasis on digital channels), we do not doubt our success for a single minute!

Project investors will receive a certain amount of DINERO (DNRO) Tokens in accordance with their investment (described above in the “PHASE 1” section). After the successful crowdsale, Dinero (DNRO) will be listed on the relevant stock exchanges to enable trading.

DINERO (DNRO) is an Equity Token that will enable investors (DNRO Token holders) to receive a constant influx of revenue generated by (cryptocurrency and credit card) transactions in the form of Dinero Token transaction payments that will be paid once a month.

The plan is, amongst other things, to brand DNRO cryptocurrency, through constant presence on the Dineroone multiverse cash drawer/platform and remote apps, to raise demand, and, in the long run, constantly increase the price and thus create added value for our Investors.

Investors in this project become shareholders of a new company, which will produce and sell the Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer/platform and offer the services described in this document.

30% of the annual profit generated by sales of the DineroONE multipurpose cash drawer/platform and cryptocurrency and credit card transactions belongs to the Investors (DNRO Token holders).

Profit sharing will take place once a year, for the previous year, in the form of a Dinero Token transaction payment.

The largest investor from a certain market (country) has the right to become the exclusive importer,i.e. distributor for their market, if they wish to do so and in accordance with the mutually agreed-upon terms of cooperation.

E.g., three investors from Sweden have invested in this project. Investor A invested 1 EUR, investor B invested 2 EUR, and investor C invested 3 EUR. Investor C has the right to become the exclusive distributor for Sweden.


The DINERO Token (DNRO) will be an Equity Token that is completely ERC20 compatible. A total of 350 million DNRO Tokens will be generated for the Token crowdsale phase, and investments in this project can be made with BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Ethereum).

+ Token Presale Period 01.03.2018–07.03.2018 [1 week] Postponed…
+ Token Crowdsale Period 01.04.2018–12.05.2018 [6 weeks] Postponed…
+ Token Name Dinero
+ Token Symbol DNRO
+ Token Standard ERC-20
+ Tokens Generated 350.000.000 [Unsold/Unused Tokens will be burned]
+ Token Distribution After Token Crowdsale (Presale and Crowdsale Tokens)
+ Presale Exchange Rate 1 DNRO = 0,100 EUR
+ Crowdsale Exchange Rate 1 DNRO = 0,153 EUR [W1] | 0,166 EUR [W2] | 0,173 EUR [W3] | 0,181 EUR [W4] | 0,190 EUR [W5] | 0,200 EUR [W6]
+ Token Investment ETH, BTC
+ Minimum Investment 0,1 ETH | 0,01 BTC
+ Presale Hard Cap € 2 million
+ Total Soft Cap € 18 million
+ Total Optimal Cap € 25 million
+ Total Hard Cap € 45 million
+ Previus Funding €1 million invested (local Investors)
+ KYC Necessary
+ Decision rights Yes, Veto and Voting rights in important decisions

350 million DNRO Tokens will be distributed in the following way:

+ 297,5 million (85%) is reserved for Token Holders (Investors);
+ 17,5 million (5%) is reserved for the future company (stimulation for fast growth, partnerships, etc.);
+ 10,5 million (3%) is reserved for the Team and Founders;
+ 7 million (2%) is reserved for Advisors;
+ 17,5 million (5%) is reserved for bounty program.

Dinero Token Presale is scheduled for March 1st with a hard cap of €2 million or 7 days period, whichever comes first. Exclusive presale price of DNRO is 0.1 EUR.

The DNRO Token crowdsale phase will start on April 1st and will be opened for a total of 42 days (6 weeks) after the launch.

For each investment in the equivalent of one (1) EUR, five (5) DNRO Tokens will be issued plus a potential bonus.

+ An investor invested 1 ETH (Ethereum), during which the value of one ETH was 500 EUR. The investor will be entitled to 2,500 DNRO Tokens plus the potential bonus.
+ An investor invested 0.1 BTC (Bitcoin), and at the time of investing the value of 1 BTC was 10000 EUR. The total value of the investment is therefore 1000 EUR, so the investor is entitled to 5000 DNRO Tokens plus the potential bonus.


+ A 30% bonus will be allocated to Investors in the first week of the Token crowdsale phase;
+ A 20% bonus will be allocated to Investors in the second week of the Token crowdsale phase;
+ A 15% bonus will be allocated to Investors in the third week of the Token crowdsale phase;
+ A 10% bonus will be allocated to Investors in the fourth week of the Token crowdsale phase;
+ A 5% bonus will be allocated to Investors in the fifth week of the Token crowdsale phase;
+ A 0% bonus will be allocated to Investors in the sixth and last week of the Token crowdsale phase.

No other bonuses of any kind or nature will be offered afterwards. However, we reserve the right to offer bonuses of up to 40% to selected participants (blockchain hedge funds) through direct invitations and at our discretion.

All Investors will receive DNRO Tokens, as well as all the appropriate instructions, after the successful completion of the Token crowdsale phase.

DNRO Token reserved for the Team and Founders will be frozen (via special Smart Contract) until the Dineroone goes officially on sale.

Upon finishing the successful DNRO Token crowdsale phase, the potential remainder of DNRO Tokens (including bounty campaigns) will be destroyed. E.g. 209 million DNRO Tokens were distributed and 106 million Tokens remain (97.5 million reserved for investors and 8.5 million bounty Tokens). Those 106 million DNRO Tokens will be destroyed.

The DNRO Token crowdsale phase will be considered successful if it has collected at least €18 million (SOFT CAP). This is the minimum amount required to develop Dineroone, set up an optimal production line, and obtain the necessary components for the first shipment, prospecting, and marketing. The expected product presentation (sales launch) is ~Q2/2020.
If the DNRO Token crowdsale phase is unsuccessful (if less than €18 million is collected), all the collected funds will be returned to the investors.

The optimum amount (OPTIMAL CAP) of the Token crowdsale phase is €25 million. Investment at this level allows us to develop DineroONE faster (the expected launch is ~Q3/2019) and set up a large capacity production line.

The maximum amount of investment (HARD CAP) is set at €45 million.
An investment of this size isn’t necessary to make the crowdfunding phase successful and to achieve this project, but additional funds would allow us to develop the Dineroone multipurpose cash drawer/platform sooner. The limit has also been set due to the potential participation of large blockchain (hedge) funds and other businesses whose primary purpose is currency trading (input = A, output= A * X) and profit through co-ownership in company.

5. Team

6. Roadmap

More Infomation

Website: https://www.dinero.one/
Whitepage: https://www.dinero.one/static/whitepaper/dinero_one_whitepaper_en.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dinero.one/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/one_dinero
Telegram: https://www.facebook.com/dinero.one/


Bitcontalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1330327
My ETH: 0xC3AF64F15C4a5D6772C320B2D523b889878ba145

Investment WPC You Will Save The World

The Content:
1: What is World Peace Coin(WPC)?
2: Why need Investment For WPC
4. About TSUMUGI technology
5. Policy Donations to Developing Countries

1: What is World Peace Coin(WPC)?

WPC is a digital currency that expects to course out the world neediness and in addition a cryptographic money using blockchain innovation. It empowers you the constant settlement with a low settlement charge. The most extreme measure of WPC is set at 2.5 billion and we will give 10% of them which is equal to 250 million to creating nations. WPC adds to making open doors for individuals, who have neither ledgers nor access to money related administrations, to experience their autonomous lives.

Besides, it uses its own particular counterfeit consciousness (AI) framework called "TSUMUGI" which computes FICO assessments of individuals with no ledger so it is fit for giving the progressive framework, Proof of Lending (PoL), that empowers WPC proprietors to mine while financing.

That implies, WPC gives chances to individuals who require a fund to experience their autonomous lives by breaking down huge information with AI and computing their FICO assessments.

2: Why need Investment For WPC

There are countries in the world that seem to have a strong economy, but their minimum wage is quite low. The publication of the minimum wage will give us a clearer view of the disparity of wealth and the standard of living of the people of the world.

While fast financial development is required to expand the wage of creating nations, we found that proprietorship rate of portable terminals were greatly high despite low ledger possession rate in such nations. We trust obligations and utilization can dynamize the economy. In this way, we finished up the spread of another cryptographic money with blockchain innovation could make obligations and utilization accessible with the portable terminals. In view of these foundations, WPC was produced.


WPC is a public cryptocurrency with our own blockchain born in 2016. To improve security strength, realize smart contract, and utilize PoL, WPC will utilize the ERC-20 token standard after the ICO. WPC, as a cryptocurrency, adopts both Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) and enables you to receive ERC-20 WPC through equivalent exchange with not ERC-20 WPC at cryptocurrency exchanges.

It holds 10% of the total amount in its dedicated wallet and donate it for supporting the independent lives of the world’s poverty.

The WPC source code will be published on GitHub in accordance with the stability of the blockchain and the listing to, the cryptocurrency Exchange scheduled for Q2 2018 to guarantee the benefit of the ICO participants.

  • Currency : X13
  • Token : ERC-20
  • block generation time: 2.5 min
  • block size: 1MB

WPC uses the hybrid of PoW and PoS until October 2020. Since then, WPC will move on to a hybrid of PoW and PoL so that it can realize the world peace as well as benefits of investors. In case the planned movement from PoS to PoL in October 2020 is behind schedule, it keeps running with PoS, and does not affect the mining of WPC.

Sales Schedule

ICO has become a new way of raising funds for companies trying to launch a new business and is used around the world. With ICO, it became possible for companies to offer their own cryptocurrencies to investors and to raise funds for a new business.

We held presale of WPC in October 2017 and plan to hold pre-ICO on December 20th, 2017~January 20th,2018. We set our target amount of pre-ICO to USD 10 million and are going to use it for development, marketing and the upcoming ICO. ICO is scheduled on March 25th, 2018~May 23th, 2018 (UTC).

Target amount of ICO including pre-ICO is USD 20 million. The sales of them are going to be handled on Ethereum and bitcoin and the price is as follows.

  • pre-ICO: 1WPC = USD 0.22
  • ICO: 1WPC = USD 0.28
  • March 25 - April 8 bonus : 17%
  • April 9 - April 23 bonus : 12%
  • April 24 - May 8 bonus : 8%
  • May 9 - May 23 No bonus

WPC will be available for converting into legal currencies and major cryptocurrencies on cryptocurrency exchanges from June 2018. The table below shows the details of how the fund obtained from the ICO will be used

4. About TSUMUGI technology

World Peace Coin uses TSUMUGI technology. TSUMUGI is a system using a cutting-edge AI technology to realize a FinTech service for “investment in the future” of consumers. TSUMUGI creates chances and realizes the world peace with economic circulation. The followings are two main roles of it:

+ Original credit scoring without any financial systems such as banks
+ “Mother wallet” for functioning PoL practically

TSUMUGI calculates credit scores of people in developing countries with its own formula. The credit scores of them had been unclear, because they have no access to any financial services.

TSUMUGI is a database to provide credit scores for PoL as well as a mother wallet managing and distributing loans appropriately collecting learning materials effectively. Với PoL, người dùng không gửi hoặc nhận tiền trực tiếp với nhau. Thay vào đó, người dùng ở các nước phát triển gửi TSUMUGI như một ví tiền mẹ tự động để thực hiện PoL, và TSUMUGI phân phối và gửi nó cho người dùng ở các nước đang phát triển theo điểm tín dụng và các ứng dụng cho vay của họ.

5. Policy Donations to Developing Countries

250 million WPC which is equivalent to 10% of total issue amount will be donated to developing countries that need a financial platform. The donations will be done in stages in multiple countries and areas and the infrastructure ground of WPC distribution will be developed to support the poor. In addition to that, it also plays the role of a marketing to complement big data for minimizing the risk of investors. We have chosen Myanmar as the first country to adopt WPC.

Donation amount per person is about 6 months of minimum wage at the time of October 2018 and it will be sent in installments over about 2 years. Every use history of the WPC will be sent to TSUMUGI with some local data as an initial data.

7. Team

More Infomation

Website: https://worldpeacecoin.io/
Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2866499.0
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/worldpeacecoin/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WorldPeaceCoin1
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/B8i2ghLml53wU7BJ7VA8MQ

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1330327
My ETH: 0xC3AF64F15C4a5D6772C320B2D523b889878ba145

Review ICO SYNTHESTECH — Technology for synthesis of precious metals

Review ICO SYNTHESTECH — Technology for synthesis of precious metals

Another period has arrived Technologies are changing the world. What once appeared to be outlandish today is as of now the truth. The hour of progress in atomic material science has come. It’s an ideal opportunity to spare the planet. In this way, let us comprehend what the venture incorporates.

What is the SYNTHESTECH venture?

This venture includes acing the frosty transmutation innovation of substance components. Frosty Transmutation (LENR) Chemical Elements — is a development, a progressive innovation for transforming one synthetic component into another. Shoddy things in valuable.

It is a probability to acquire platinum aggregate metals and other profitable things, including gold, from modest crude materials by simulated means.

The capacity to combine compound components will change the economy substantially more essentially, contrasted with blockchain innovation itself.

Wonder of icy transmutation has been found in late decades. The SYNTHESTECH assemble is building up this innovation. they have led several examinations and accomplished wonderful outcomes. Among these outcomes, it is conceivable to acquire platinum gather metals.

Blockchain — is an innovation to record data about qualities ​​and its exchange; it’s virtual data.

Frosty transmutation — is a strategy for creating esteems, physical and objective.

In particular, is the task going to be industrially reasonable?

Cool Transmutation of Chemical Elements (LENR-Transmutation) innovation is a region with gigantic business potential. The components that can be acquired utilizing chilly transmutation will be in awesome request in back, industry, drug, fund, industry, solution. The utilization of this innovation can prompt the production of new ventures. Esteem included and benefit can achieve a large number of percent. The capitalization of the venture can increment ten times promptly after the charging of the new “Synthestech” research facility.

Will there be a business opportunity for simulated metals?

To comprehend this, take the case of a standout amongst the most significant Platinum metals.

It is outstanding that the world market for platinum (not taking other platinum gather metals) is right now around 8 billion US dollars. What makes this metal vital?

Platinum is a substance component of the change metal gathering, period 6 of Mendeleev’s intermittent table and, in light of its special properties, has a place with the gathering of honorable metals. On account of the low plenitude in the world’s covering, platinum is viewed as an uncommon earth component and is never found in its unadulterated shape.

Today, the interest for this valuable metal keeps on developing. Platinum’s one of a kind concoction and physical properties empower it to discover applications in an extensive variety of enterprises and national economies.

Because of the substantial platinum showcase, the interest for this metal stays high, which is the way to high costs. The Platinum Quarterly of the World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC) anticipated a platinum advertise shortfall of 15,000 ounces this year. As indicated by the WPIC, platinum request will increment by 2% of every 2018 to 8.03 million ounces and the market shortfall will continue for at any rate the following six years.

The expansion in the utilization of platinum autocatalysts likewise significantly affects request, as every single new auto are outfitted with outflow control frameworks. Likewise, bear in mind that nature holds are running out, which confounds the misuse of platinum.

Also, here is the SYNTHESTECH group. He coordinates his powers towards the advancement of innovation for the simulated union of platinum gather metals. The mechanical creation of platinum by chilly transmutation of concoction components (LENR/Cold Fusion) will make platinum more accessible for industry, pharmaceutical, fund, jewelery. This enables us to make sure that the platinum showcase is ensured.


In case you’re a Bitcoin Talk Newbie (or above), you can take part in our mark crusade that is accessible here. We have a scope of different bounties running for all to participate.

Our Bounty Pool will be 1 % of the aggregate STT Tokens ( up to 150 000,00 STT Tokens )

Add up to Bounty Budget will be assigned along all bounties as takes after:

  • 5% (Signature/Avatar Campaign)
  • 20% (Youtube Campaign)
  • 15% (Translation/Moderation)
  • 15% (News/Blog/Media/Article Campaign)
  • 15% (Facebook Campaign)
  • 15% (Twitter Campaign)
  • 5% (Telegram)
  • 10% (Ambassadors)

Rewards under SYNTHESTECH Bounty Campaign will be accounted week by week. Tokens will be dispersed to the ETH wallets of the qualified members toward the finish of the token general deal time frame.

Note: All abundance Payments will be Issued after End of ICO crowdsale and Token Distribution. (Permit no less than 1 Week for abundance counts and installment Assignment)

1. Signature/avatar Bitcointalk campaign

Up to 5 % of the Bounty Pool will be allocated in this category (7 500,00 STT)
Rewards will be based on the membership ranking in the following tiers:

1. Newbie: 0,5 Stake per Week. (Why not? Cheesy)
2. Jr.Member: 1 Stake per Week
3. Member: 1.25 Stakes per Week
4. Full Member: 1.75 Stakes per Week
5. Sr. Member: 2 Stakes per Week
6. Hero Member: 2.5 Stakes per Week
7. Legendary: 3 Stakes per Week

How to Participate?
1. Add a signature and avatar to your profile rank.
2. Fill the form

Terms and Conditions:
1. Signature should be retained till the end of the token general sale period, removing the signature before that time will lead to disqualification.
2. During that period you should make at least 10 posts per week.
3. Posts should be meaningful to be eligible, posts without meaningful content, which can be considered as made merely to raise the count, will be excluded.
4. Post should be 50+ characters long. Shorter posts will not be considered.

(Total amount of signature campaign STT tokens / total amount of participant’s stakes ) * amount of member’s stakes.

1. +10% stake bonus if you wear our avatar.
We will randomly check all our Signature bounty participants once a week at https://bitcointalk.org/ to ensure participants are wearing their signatures at all times.

2. Youtube Campaign

Up to 20 % of the Bounty Pool will be allocated in this category (30 000,00 STT)

  • High Quality :30 STT
  • Good Quality : 20 STT
  • Normal Quality : 10 STT

How to Participate?

Fill the form


Terms and Conditions:

1. Video must be your original
2. Video must have at least 50 subscriber
3. Video should be at least 1 minute long. Shorter videos will not be considered.
4. Videos must include link to the official website on the description
5. Must have Unique content (Copying ANN/news websites will not be counted).

3. Translations and moderation of threads on local boards

Up to 15 % of the Bounty Pool will be allocated in this category (22 500,00 STT)

- German
- Korean
- French
- Spanish
- Italian
- Japanese
- Chinese
- Arabian
- Persian
- Hindi
- Indonesian
- Malaysian
- Portuguese

Payment You can receive:
1. 30 stakes for translating the announcement thread and posting it on Bitcointalk in the corresponding language category and additional 1 stake for every positive and constructive post in your thread.
. 100 stakes for White paper translation.

3. 100 stakes for article in your language about us in the major news sites and blogs of your region.
How to Participate?

2. Fill the form

Terms and Conditions:

1. Using Google Translator and other online translators is not allowed. Participants using Google Translator will be instantly disqualified
2. There can be reserved only one translation per one participant. Applications for translation to multiple languages will not be accepted
3. Do not make unnecessary multiple posts to increase stake numbers, this will result in the posts not to be counted and a penalty.Increasing post count by making unnecessary posts is not allowed, and these kind of posts will not be counted.
4. Bounty Manager and the Team reserve their right to make changes to this terms or apply new ones.

4. News / Blog / Media / Article Campaign

Up to 15 % of the Bounty Pool will be allocated in this category (22 500,00 STT)

How to Participate?

2. Fill the form


High Quality: 500–1500 STT
Good Quality: 300–500 STT
Normal Quality: 100 -300 STT

Terms and Conditions:
1. Low quality, badly written News / Blog / Media / Article may be rejected.
2. News / Blog / Media / Articles must be your original work. You are not permitted to copy other people’s work and this will lead to disqualification. You can freely use all official materials posted at web-site and Telegram.
3. News / Blog / Media / Articles must include the active links to the official website.
4. Article should be 500+ characters long, news/ blog — 200+ characters long. Shorter articles / news/ blogs will not be considered.
5. The same content can be reused by the participant in several reputable web sites, blogs or news hosting sites (for example a popular personal blog, Youtube, medium.com). Such repeated submissions can be compensated with 30% additional rewards at discretion of SYNTHESTECH team.

5. Facebook Campaign

Up to 15 % of the Bounty Pool will be allocated in this category (22 500,00 STT)
Payment will be based on stakes.
1 Stake per Week for Every Valid Facebook User.

How to Participate?
1. Follow the Official Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/synthestech
2. Fill the form


Terms and Conditions:
1. Facebook account must have Minimum 140 Friends.
2. Facebook account must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted. The account must be at least 1 month old.
3. You must be an active and regular Facebook users — comment, and share our posts.
4. Joining with multiple accounts is not allowed. user found to be using multi accounts, will be blacklisted.
5. Terms and Condition can be changed or more can be applied.

6. Twitter Campaign

Up to 15 % of the Bounty Pool will be allocated in this category (22 500,00 STT)
Payment will be based on stakes.
1 Stake per Week for Every Valid Twitter User.

How to Participate?

1. Follow the Official Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/synthestech
2. Fill the form

Terms and Conditions:
1. Twitter Account must have Minimum 200 Followers.
2. Twitter account must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted. The account must be at least 1 month old.
3. You must be an active and regular twitter users, and must be retweeting Twitter SYNTHESTECH team official tweets and updates. (At least 70% of tweets must be retweets every day)
4. Joining with multiple accounts is not allowed. user found to be using multi accounts, will be blacklisted.
5. Terms and Condition can be changed or more can be applied.

7. Telegram

Up to 5 % of the Bounty Pool will be allocated in this category (7 500,00 STT)

How to Participate?
1. Join Telegram: https://t.me/synthestech/
2. Fill the form
Requirements to get paid:
1. You must join the Telegram channel and stay there till the end of Crowdsale.
2. An at least 2-month-old bitcointalk, twitter or Reddit (or 2 months older account in any social platform)

Terms and Conditions:
1. User must stay on the group till the end of crowd sale.
2. User must be active and supportive in the group. inactive users can get 50% less pay rate or can be simply disqualified.
3. Using bad language, spamming, advertising any other service in SYNTHESTECH groups not allowed.
4. Only one account on each platform allowed. a person found to be cheating by creating multiple accounts will be disqualified.
5. Having a 2 month older bitcointalk, twitter, facebook or reddit account is mandatory, using brand new accounts of these platforms will not be accepted.

8. Ambassadors

Up to 10 % of the Bounty Pool will be allocated in this category (15 000,00 STT).

As part of our bounty campaign, we want to attract industry experts, opinion leaders and owners of popular channels and give them a special status — Ambassador.
We plan to divide all the tokens among several Ambassadors ( min 10 Ambassador are required). We want that in Australia, Asia, Africa, India, the USA, Europe and etc. there was an Ambassador who disseminates information about SYNTHESTECH.

How to Participate?
1. Fill the form
2. Wait, our manager our manager will contact you. Spreadsheet

More details :


My ETH: 0xC3AF64F15C4a5D6772C320B2D523b889878ba145

bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1330327

Review Ethearnal is the first ICO 2.0

Ethearnal is a distributed (P2P) independent framework, in which businesses and specialists meet, go into trustless brilliant contracts with notoriety and cash retained, and exploit a decentralized arrangement of mediators if necessary. We impact notoriety and financial activities into one by tokenizing notoriety and giving it esteem. All gatherings, mediators included, have solid and adjusted activities to act truly, since everybody has something of significant worth in question and a comment if the coveted result is accomplished.
  • About Ethearnal
  • Ethearnal is the first ICO 2.0!
  • Details of Ethearnal ICO
  • Team
  • Roadmap

Ethearnal is the first ICO 2.0!

The token holders remain in control of the team spending!
Only 10% of the collected funds are released to us upon completion of the ICO. The other 90% and the founders’ tokens remain locked in the smart contract. We keep the community constantly updated on our progress, when we need more funds released we initiate a voting process.

Every token holder can vote proportionally to his tokens by sending a simple transaction to the smart contract, if we should get another round of funding. If 51% vote no, we don’t get anything and continue working until the token holders are satisfied enough to vote yes the next time we initiate a voting process. Our smart contracts are public and everyone with the skills can verify the above.

Every token holder can start a refund process!
At any time, anyone holding at least 1 ERT token can initiate a refund voting process by sending a transaction to our smart contract. If 65% of the tokens vote for a refund all remaining funds are refunded proportionally.

So, at any time, we are in possession of only 10% of the funding and if we stop delivering on our promises, you can get back the rest of your investment.

Everything we do is open source and easy to monitor. We already have minimum viable product developed with our own funding.

Dynamic hourly ICO cap.
During the first hour of our ICO, the smart contract accepts maximum of 1 ether per person. Every transaction above 1 ether will not be accepted. The second hour that cap is increased to 2 ether and so on every hour until the end of the ICO.

This makes it inefficient to have a huge gas fee to make your transaction go first and out place the smaller participants. And if for some reason your transaction didn’t get through you have a new chance every hour! That way, a whale must compete with thousands of regular participants every hour, leveling the playing field as much as possible (not bulletproof though), without an invasive and bureaucratic onboarding process.

Details of Ethearnal ICO

ICO 2.0, independent and hierarchical, AI. Democracy No profit A bill of 0% to 1% is returned to the system to coordinate the initiatives of all stakeholders.

Other actual projects, in fact, are not decentralized. Communities (all ERT owners) can choose and make decisions. Other projects we see are centered by hosting or grouping. The only part involved in chaining is the intellectual, and not so sophisticated contract to exploit the full potential of this technology. The system we provide is self-sufficient and self-regulated. He can grow independently, without us, and we do not make a profit vector for us. We make a profit, like other token owners.

We also found that only a few AI-based projects, we intend to have millions of users on the platform, and this should really develop and be self-sufficient. We will use OpenAI in search engines and other Ethearnal functions .

ICO will begin on 28 February 2018 and end on March 31, 2018. During the ICO, up to 30,000,000 Ethereal cards (ERT) account for 75 %% of ERT’s total supply. During this time, a hard 30,000 ETH lid has been installed.

+ Hard Cap is 30,000 ETH
+ Soft cap is decided by participants, since they can initiate refund process if they deem the raised funds are insufficient.
+ 1 Ether gets you 1000 ERT. Or the price per 1 ERT is 0.001 Ether
+ 1000 ERC-20 ERT tokens are generated for every 1 Ether sent. Total token supply depends on that.
+ ICO starts at 28th February and ends at 31th March.
+ Maximum possible total token supply: 40,000,000ERT
+ Quorum needed for starting voting process: 51%
+ Votes needed to release next round of funding: 51%
+ % of the funds to be released after voting in our favour: 10%
+ Votes needed to get the raised funds refunded: 65%


Roadmap 2018

More Infomation

Website: https://ethearnal.com
Whitepage: https://ethearnal.com/ethearnal-whitepaper.pdf
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2628593.0l
Telegram: https://t.me/Ethearnal
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ethearnal/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ethearnal_com

— — — — — — — — — — — +++ — — — — — — — — — -

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1814424
My ETH: 0x8c66F87585e002BF91e9E9c8247471f71c44DD6f
Review Green Movement For Financing afforestation

Review Green Movement For Financing afforestation

Forests play a very important role in protecting the environment. In order not to harm our environment, we must protect and develop more forest plantations. Responding to the International Year of Forests World Environment Day has been chosen by the United Nations as “Forests: the value of life from nature” to emphasize the importance of forests to life and ecosystems, We warn about deforestation and forest degradation so that we are aware of the value of forests and take concrete action because “Forest protection is a life-saver.”

The earth’s atmosphere has several gases which together act like a blanket to keep the earth at a comfortable temperature. If these gases were not there, the earth would be much colder but the gases are becoming much more than needed in the atmosphere which causes global warming.

Greenhouse gases causing the most problems for our environment. Because of a fast­growing world population and its need for more energy­consuming appliances, more cleared land and transport, these gases are increasing in the atmosphere.

Scientists around the world are concerned that this increase could warm the earth and change our climate. These changes could happen gradually unless we find ways of slowing down the greenhouse effect by controlling the amount of gases released to the atmosphere.

What is Green Movement?

Green Movement is an ethereum blockchain based token created to support a sustainable environment. Green Movement consist of a team of enthusiast environmentalist and the team mission include the following:
+ Creating a sustainable environment
+ Creating awareness about eco­friendly activities
+ Financing afforestation and re­afforestation to reduce global warming and normalize greenhouse gases
+ Ensuring a low­carbon future
+ Maximizing nature’s role as a climate solution

The Solution of Green Movement

An easy way to reduce the greenhouse effect is to plant trees and other plants. Planting trees promotes biodiversity and allows us to breathe better. As a part of their natural life cycle, plants absorb carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, a process where the plant derives energy from the sun. Since carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, the more trees and other plants that are around drawing in carbon dioxide, the greater the reduction in the greenhouse effect will be.

Another advantage of planting trees is that they can result in energy savings. A large tree which provides shade to a home during hot summer months can result in less need for air conditioning, an amenity that requires a relatively large amount of electricity.
With so many trees destroyed, we must do what we can to restore them and acknowledge their importance.

Another way to sustain the environment is to spread the word. Knowledge truly is power. The more you tell others about eco­friendly living and teach them how they can make a difference through sustainable practices, the more likely it is they will become conscious of the choices they make as they come to understand the powerful effects that our behaviors and habits have on the Earth.

Green Movement ICO

In the quest to support a sustainable environment, we have created a token on the ethereum blockchain with the following specifications:

+ Name: Green Movement
+ Symbol: GMV
+ Total Supply: 100,000,000
+ Contract Address: 0x594120039687ddaab50c4ab03bada20eb4b218f6

Green Movement token will be distributed among the community members, the team and a significant percentage to finance greenery. Green funding: 45% of the GMV token is reserved to finance afforestation, re­ afforestation and create awareness about sustainable practices. By Q3 2018, a community survey will be organized, the survey will determine the top countries that need an emergence attention on environmental problem. The green funding will be distributed accordingly.

GREEN MOVEMENT bounty campaign

Green movement, $1,000,000 worth of gmv token for grab. Please note: bounty will end by 31st march, 2018 we reserve the rights to disqualify anyone found cheating

Campaign Telegram, Twitter & Referral (10k Participants)

Visit here and fill the form
Complete the steps
Copy and share your referral link to earn more
You’ll receive a minimum of 100 GMV by entering this bounty
Top 10 participants with highest points will receive extra 50k GMV

Campaign Greenery (500 Participants)

Plant 5 trees
Take a clear picture of yourself with the trees before and after planting
Submit details: Google form
You’ll get 10K GMV as Reward
Please DO NOT uproot and replant tree. No duplicate entry

Campaign bitcointalk (1k Participants)

Make a constructive comment with a minimum of 20 words in this thread (English only)
Put your ETH Address in the location field on your profile
Fill this google form to confirm your entry
Please Note: DO NOT post your ETH Address (You’ll be disqualified) & comment can be for or against us

Campaign translation (33 Participants)

Translate our ANN thread & make a new post- 3k GMV
Translate this bounty thread & make a new post — 3k GMV
Translate our Whitepaper— 10k GMV
Fill this google form to submit details
Translation needed are: Arabic, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Indian, French, Spanish and Philippines.
You must have a proof previous translations before you can join (Required when filling google form).
We’ll only consider the first 3 translations for each language.
Completed translations will be strike out

Campaign article (100 Participants)

Write a creative and interesting article about Green Movement (Steemit, Medium or others)
Article must NOT be less than 250 words.
Article must include link to website, BTT ANN, Twitter & Telegram
Add your ETH Address on the last line of the article (Very important)
Reward will be based on quality of article & number of views
Fill this google form to submit details
Please Note: Minimum GMV you can receive is 1k & maximum of 15k GMV

Campaign Video (100 Participants)

Make an high qualify video about Green Movement (Youtube or Vimeo)
The video must NOT be less than 90 seconds.
The video must include link to website, BTT ANN, Twitter & Telegram
Append your ETH address to the title of the video
Reward will be based on quality of video & number of views
Fill this google form to submit details
Please Note: Minimum GMV you can receive is 1k & maximum of 15k GMV

Campaign graphic design (30 Participants)

Design a banner, logo, sticker or meme
It must be of a good quality
It must describe GMV, Environment and coin
Fill this google form to submit details
Please Note: Minimum GMV you can receive is 500 GMV & maximum of 8k GMV

Others Campaign

If you’re creative and you have an offer not included in our bounty, feel free to PM

More Infomation

Website: http://greenmovement.network/
Whitepage: http://greenmovement.network/whitepaper/
ANN: http://greenmovement.network/whitepaper/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gmvtoken
Telegram: https://t.me/gmvchat

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1785333
My ETH: 0xef1A7Ef523c3eed127fe7572859c3378257FC987
Boutspro ICO  Platform Blockchain For All Forms Of Karate

Boutspro ICO  Platform Blockchain For All Forms Of Karate

The world professional sports organization of karate BoutsPro launches its own crypto currency. BoutsPro will change the ecosystem of some 190 million martial arts communities. He will turn amateur tournaments into professionals around the world in accordance with the road map, designed for the next 4 years.

The main purpose of launching the crypto currency was to turn karate into professional karate, as well as sport for the future. Signs from BoutsPro will create an ecosystem for various types of financial programs and activities.

Millions of people practice amateur karate. However, amateur karate is defined as a sport, and here athletes must bear all the costs associated with their training and performance. Then, as a professional karate is already a fighting sport, and here, on the contrary, athletes get a huge reward for their performances in tournaments. Thanks to BoutsPro, ordinary sportsmen can turn into true professionals. Anyone can get help from BoutsPro, from beginners who only study to professionals.

2. Why Need The Blockchain?

Currently, karate is very popular. The number of communities, which includes teachers, students, practitioners, academics, numbers more than 190 million worldwide. To unite all participants in one system, you need a strong management system fund, which generates income from various sources, such as sponsorship of tournaments, sponsorship of events, registration of participants, advertising and so on. It is necessary to fulfill the fund’s requirements related to health insurance, social security of athletes, staff salaries, costs for tournaments and events, as well as prize money and advertising.

The technology of the currencies and block chains will help to solve the problems related to payments and fund management of the industry. The blockchain technology will establish trust management and simplify the currency, and will thereby allow to achieve transparency and efficiency at the technological level. It will be a system that will be able to manage the entire system, and a new technology will attract the attention of new companies, investors, karate sports sponsors, who will benefit from mutual benefits.

Thanks to Blockchain technology, it is possible to optimize the global infrastructure to solve global problems in this space more efficiently than the systems available to date. The block chain is the public register of all transactions that have ever been executed. Lock is the “current” part of the block chain that records some or all of the last one, and afterwards ends up in the block chain as a permanent database. Once the block is completed, a new block is created. Blocks are linked to each other in a linear, chronological order with each block.

Thus, Blockchain is similar to the complete history of banking operations. Transactions entered in chronological order in the blockroom are similar to banking transactions, and the blocks themselves resemble individual bank statements. A full copy of the blockchain has records of every bitlock transaction that has ever been completed. All this gives a complete picture of all operations performed at any time.

3. Technical details

Bouts tokens (ERC20) use the Ethereum based Block Chain technology which widely accepted as well as secure, fast and transparent. Similar to how the HTTP protocol defined the internet, ERC20 is a protocol that defines a set of commands that a token should implement. The ERC20 protocol standard contains basic functions that any useful token should implement to enable trading.

These include transferring tokens, inquiring the balance of tokens at a certain address, and the total supply of tokens. ERC20 compliant tokens all have the same functions, with the same names, that take the same arguments. You can create a token exchange system that allows you to quickly add new tokens to your platform the moment they are released, as long as they follow the ERC20 standard.

The end result is less risk, more uniformity, reduced complexity, and enhanced liquidity of tokens. A successful ICO can have their ERC20 tokens trading on exchanges without any communication between themselves and the exchange developers.

4. Business Scope

+ New Registration Fee: Karate athletes can register on centralized portal of BoutsPro, after completion of basic formalities through the local Board/Representative. They will get all information e.g. ranking, upcoming events/tournaments as well as educational & training lessons.

+ Annual Renewal Fee: Member registration includes tournament participation fee (1 year), educational & training support, maintenance of online records & ranking. Membership should be renewed every year.

+ Project CuppaSchoola: BoutsPro shares the principles of vBelieve Sports, “Nurture the Future” by infusing scholarship to our young talent filtered

through multiple programme of CuppaSchoola. We are targeting 100,000 schools in our first phase of CuppaSchoola program.

+ Event & Tournament tickets: Event & Tournament tickets will also be the major part of revenue. Tickets can be sold online by using BoutsPro tokens.

+ Franchise/Team Sale: Along with the World Series, we also have designed private club / team. These teams will participate in World Professional Karate League. Franchise of team will be sold on revenue share module.

+ Advertisement: BoutsPro has designed different types of advertisement categories e.g. online advertisement of our portals & applications, advertisement banner on different sights of Dojos & Stadiums. The advertisement slots will be sold online through BoutsPro tokens.

+ Sponsorship: Like other sports, we attract sponsorship for our various events.

+ Sports Insurance: We are shortly coming up with Sports Insurances. We provide insurance to all the athletes.

+ BoutsPro.TV: BoutsPro.TV brings all faculties of entertainment industry under one roof. It is established in collaboration with QuickMedia and Pozetta Broadcasters of Czech Republic that primarily facilitates AKAMAI platform for live streaming of video feeds and video-on-demand. BoutsPro.TV plans to expand into film and television production as well as online distribution. We plan to enter into content-production industry by 2018

+ Gaming: Based on our Karate theme & world championship, we are working on different types of video games. We are also in a process of tie-up with online game development companies. The purpose of these games is to provide healthy entertainment and educate basics of karate to the common people as well athletes. BoutsPro token will required on the different states in the game & the players can also convert their scores/rewards in BoutsPro tokens.

+ Movie Production: Movies had played significant role to popularise Karate worldwide. Movies like “The Karate Kid” & “Kung Fu Panda” have made great impact on young generation and encourage them to learn karate.

“Bruce Lee”, “Jackie Chan”, “Jet Li”, “Donnie Yen”, “Michelle Yeoh”, “Kara Hui” & “Cynthia Rothrock” are among the movie stars who played major role to make Karate famous among common people. Understanding the power of movies, BoutsPro decided to produce one world class movie based on Karate, every year.

+ Dojo & Stadium: BoutsPro has planned to create World Class Stadiums/Dojos worldwide. In our first phase we are in a process to initiate of around 100 Stadiums & Dojos. Athletes will get the chance practice with better opponent and get the guidance of legendry coaches & trainers.

+ BoutsPro Cards: We have designed three different types of cards. These cards will provide access of our services (BoutsPro.TV, Games, Apps, Premium pass for tournaments etc.) to sports lovers.

+ BoutsPro Global Schools: We have planned to establish BoutsPro Global Schools for regular mainstream education in most innovative ways. The said project is to be implemented in collaboration with various governments in each continents of the World. The process is already initiated in Serbia (Europe) and Indonesia (Asia).

5. BoutsPro ICO

BoutsPro is planning to launch it token sale on the global platform & make it available for all participants. Details of BoutsPro tokens are as below:

  • Token Name: BoutsPro
  • Ticker: BOUTS
  • Total Supply: 2,000,000,000
  • Hard Cap (ICO): 1,000,000,000
  • Minable: No
  • ICO Base Price: 9000 BOUTS/ETH
  • Smart Contract: Will be announced later
  • Currency Accepted: Ether
  • Standard gas price: 20 Gwei
  • Minimum Purchase: 0.1 ETH

Distribution of Tokens

+ 50% — ICO (Public Crowd Funding)
+ 25% — Community (# Available for Karate Community on ICO Base price)
+ 10% — Dev Fund (* Locked for 1 year in Smart Contract)
+ 5% — Rewards (Rewards & Support fund for players & trainers)
+ 3% — Bounty Campaign (Social Bounty, Bug Bounty, Translations, Give away & Airdrop)
+ 2% — Advisors
+ 5% — Reserve Fund (Future requirement or Backup)

6. Roadmap

More Infomation

Website: https://www.bouts.pro
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boutspro
Twitter: https://twitter.com/boutspro
Telegram: https://t.me/boutspro
White paper: https://www.bouts.pro/whitepaper

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1330327
My Eth: 0xC3AF64F15C4a5D6772C320B2D523b889878ba145

Robotina (ROX) develops IoT platform lowers electricity costs

In 1882, Thomas Edison opened the first commercial center in Manhattan, 1 The new companies appeared to help develop a national power grid that provided the energy needed to renew life. Worldwide, the total consumption of electricity reached almost 20.000 TWh1 with an average price of 0.14 USD per KWh, which equates to USD 3tn per year! The growing electricity consumption.

There are many causes make the electricity grid extremely unstable, which causes high costs of the system’s operators and also high costs for the end-user. These situations require substantial investments in new infrastructure and smarter use of the existing one. In order to sustain our actual standard of living, we must reduce (per capita) and shift (in time) the consumption of electrical energy.

The interest in the alternative sources of energy, such as solar, biofuel, wind, nuclear has been increasing rapidly. However, it is challenging for the power plants to supply a constant output.

The hybrid solutions often prove to be costlier and it becomes difficult for them to deal with the ever-increasing demand for energy. An excessive use of power by unattended appliances proves costly to the environment, power-grids as well as consumers.

It is not practical to keep a check on each and every device. Robotina offers the technology that facilitates effective utilization of power at every level.

1. The solution of Robotina

With the Robotina Platform, the future is HERE. We have tested, demonstrated and validated, that we can save 10-20 % by using state-of-the-art technology, which is available and feasible NOW2. In our vision, our community members collaborate in order to save and earn money while consuming electrical energy. This vision becomes reality with the deployment of the Robotina Platform.

Robotina develops IoT platform that changes the way people use power. By applying several state-of-the-art technologies, Robotina reduces energy consumption, lowers electricity costs, and optimizes the entire electricity grid by monitoring real-time consumption data. The platform manages users’ devices, then collects and processes anonymous data to help maximize efficiency. Users can choose whether to sell their data for a profit or keep it 100% private.

1.1 Internet of things + artificial intelligence + blockchain

Applying several state-of-the–art technologies, the Robotina Platform reduces electric energy consumption, lowers electricity costs and optimizes the functioning of the entire electricity grid by monitoring and controlling real-time electricity consumption and distributed production. Thus it (1) manages the devices and (2) collects and processes the data from platform users. This data is then offered to the network operators or electric energy producers.

Using smart technology the Robotina Platform solution will help you optimize  the consumption of electricity by automatically turning off a device when in use (but not needed) or switching it on when the tariff is cheapest. Additionally, you will earn money by allowing power consumption flexibility to the grid and by collaborating in group buying, power trade, aggregated data sales, crowd financing and by activities in the platform’s marketplace. Last but not least, you will significantly contribute to a greener environment and sustainable development of mankind.

1.2 Group buying

Users of the platform will be aggregated to carry out a group purchase of electricity. More than 1,000 or more than 10,000 users will have a stronger negotiating position regarding the price than if they negotiated separately with the providers.

1.3. Power trade

Selling electricity to the highest bidder when the network needs it. This is implemented in such a way that for a short time a large number of users agree a device or devices is/are turned off. Only those devices that do not affect the quality of living are switched off - e.g. the boiler turns off for 5 min, heat pump for 10 min, etc.

1.4 Aggregated data sell

Data collected and processed by the platform will be sold
+ Electricity distributors so that they can better plan the amount of electricity they need for their customers,
+ Electricity producers, (3) advertisers, etc.

1.5 Crowd financing

Supported by the community, the funds for financing equipment for larger facilities (B2B) are raised within the platform. The Community is therefore rewarded on the basis of collecting the majority of the savings gained on the facility.

1.5 Marketplace

The marketplace is the central business area of the platform. All the transactions happen in the marketplace.

2. Technologies

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of intelligent connected devices, digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

The artificial intelligence (AI) is a systematic search through a range of possible energy optimization solutions in order to reach some predefined goals of the platform’s user. AI is the brains of the Robotina’s platform which cracks the real time smart grid data into valuable information and provides the rewards to its members.

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger which hosts a number of smart contracts triggered between different parties and a definitive contract is produced that can’t be disputed. The individuals involved are anonymous, but the contract is public on a decentralized ledger. Transactions are encrypted.

3. How do Robotina work?

Step 1: You receive the Energy Management System (EMS) hardware device. It’s a smart Internet of Things (IoT) device that senses the energy consumption and behavior of your electrical appliances. After the installation, it immediately starts sending data to and receiving data from Robotina Platform.

Step 2: You are connected! You save up to 30 % on electricity bills by using the EMS connected to the platform. Internet of Things (IoT) sensors across the entire energy network from producer > distributor > consumer – to optimize the network and brings you savings from an optimal ‘energy value chain’. Using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) the Robotina Platform operates your electric devices so that it switches them on when the price of electricity is lowest and turns them off when electricity is more expensive or when the need for the electricity in the network is higher.

Step 3: Robotina Smart Grid platform collects anonymous energy data 24/7. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the platform collects and processes the data sent by EMS device to identify the historical data patterns such as when and how many times the boiler, air conditioner, heat pump, etc. is switched on. AI uses weather forecasts and energy price data to optimize your expenses.

Step 4: Additional savings based on collaboration. The Community benefits from all transactions on the Robotina Platform. The majority of the earnings generated by group buying, power trade (which stabilizes the grid), aggregated data sales and crowd financing is given back to the community.

Step 5: Robotina Utility Token (ROX) is the platform’s utility token, used in all transactions within the platform. You can pay for the products and services on the platform also with other tokens, coins or fiat money, but you will only receive a special discount when paying with ROX.

4. Robotina ICO

Robotina Utility Token (ROX) will be the fuel of the Robotina Platform, used by members worldwide. It will be an application specific token, built on top of the existing Ethereum blockchain, allowing us to return to the community the value for their cooperative behavior. ROX can - WILL be used on the Robotina platform:

For esco crowdfunding: ROX tokens will exclusively be used in Energy Service Company (ESCO) which will implement the energy efficiency projects for business customers, who will have a great opportunity to save energy and manage costs.

As a membership proof: All members holding ROX will be able to identify themselves within the community and participate in members only benefits including group buying, Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Fund and Energy Service Company (ESCO) Pool.

For community incentives & rewards: Platform will enable connected users to directly gain ROXs from aggregated data sales, power trade and a share (%) from all hardware sales. We will buy- back ROX on the secondary market if client paid for hardware in fiat currency.

As a payment method for subscription: All subscriptions will be paid monthly and will get 3 % off if paid by ROX. All subscriptions will be locked for 6 months into a smart contract. With the growth of the community, funds locked in will grow and fewer tokens will be on the open market.

For buying hardware & software: Robotina Platform will have an in-built App Store where ROX and other curren- cies will be used when buying hardware, software and numerous services.

For vpp crowdfunding: Virtual Power Plants (VPP) will give to the ROX holders without solar power plants or other relevant energy related assets a chance to participate in benefits, derived from energy and power trading.

4.1 Crowdsale details

+ Token name: Robotina
+ Token symbol: ROX
+ Token standard: ERC-20
+ Soft cap: $10 million
+ Hard cap: $28.5 million
+ ROX price: 0.05$
+ Total token supply: 815.000.000 ROX
+ Crowdsale distribution: 570.500.000 ROX
+ Minimum contribution: 0.5 ETH
+ Start of token crowdsale: 21 March 2018
+ End of token crowdsale: 30 April 2018

PHASE 1: Pre-sale
Start: 21. 02. 2018 at 15:00 CET
Finish: 21. 03. 2018 at 14.59 CET
Hard Cap: $15.5 M| Bonus: 10 %

Start: 21. 03. 2018 at 15:00 CET
Finish: 30. 04. 2018 at 14.59 CET until
Hard Cap Total Hard Cap: $28.5 M
Bonus1: 5 % first $7 M
Bonus2: 0% last $6 M

+ When in the presale (Phase 1) HARD CAP ($15. 5M) is reached, all transfers are rejected until Phase 2 opens. When Total Hard Cap: $28.5M is reached, all funds are rejected and transferred back.
+ Initial Coin Offering (ICO) SOFT CAP: $10M.
+ Potentially unsold Tokens reserved for crowd sale will never be created.

5. Platform generated users benefits, savings and revenue

+ Awareness – This is the basic functionality, which will help users to understand their energy profile, consumption and production. Tariff systems and offers of various providers will be analysed and compared. Potential changes could be simulated with real data thus leading to savings that will be achieved through better information and consequent decisions. User will be able to set various alarms and notifications.

+ Control – User will act. By using his “Commander” application, user will access, monitor and control his things and sites through smartphone or web browser regardless of his location. He will be able to instantly change the ON/OFF status. Alternatively, he will be able to impose new rules, make other change or can set the scheduled tasks.

+ Energy saving – Behaviour analyses, machine learning, energy efficiency (EE) rules, weather forecast and the power of the platform will be used to achieve one task: to implement user’s strategy and actively seek for best compromise between energy consumption, comfort and other objectives.

+ Smart grids – The ultimate PROSUMER functionality. User will benefit from dynamic energy pricing and use his IoT things and the Robotina platform to dramatically reduce his energy expenses without sacrifising his comfort. Some users’ assets – IoT things, solar power plant, battery storage and even electrical vehicle - are real prosumers (they can actually produce energy). Other assets are virtual prosumers – Home Energy Management System (HEMS) and the Robotina platform will turn them into prosumers by wisely shifting their usage in time.

+ Power trading – Users who will join the community cooperative initiative will be able to actually earn ROX tokens (and money) by offering their assets to the platform initiative of POWER TRADING. The platform will aggregate users and form an enormous Virtual Power Plant, which will sell its services to various players on the grid.

+ Internal energy trade – the robotina platform will enable members of the community to sell or buy energy from other community members.

+ Community (crowd) energy purchasing & sale – aggregated needs will gain bargaining power. joint forces will enable community members to negotiate better prices and better conditions for additional savings.

+ Data sales – platform will own important and valuable anonymous data, which will be sold to the companies that requiring it. users and community members will earn rox tokens.

+ Community book – users will publish real time data and publish their achievements, allow tailor made messages and declare their requirements. this will create a virtual, connected community with multiple benefits for users.

+ Access to the platform – users can benefit from all businesses in the marketplace and they can actively set their cooperative, business or charity initiatives on the platform.

+ Power – community means power and power means savings and safety.

+ Opportunity – users will be able to participate on the marketplace by selling or buying various services.

6. Why use blockchain

The Robotina’s project includes integration of advanced blockchain technology. We will establish a Robotina an Utility Token (ROX), a digital cryptocurrency, that when used, will give a 3 % discount for all transactions with and within the Robotina platform. ROX aims to become the main cryptocurrency in the “Smart Grid” world.

This technology is absolutely necessary to create and manage the community which will be global and will form sub-communities which may be geography-driven (Europe, a city, a street) or interest-driven (power selling, community purchase etc.). It will enable the creation of a transparent, secure and distributed storage of information about transactions.

The ROX Utility Token will be an ERC-20 standard compliant token will. A limited number of tokens will be released at the Token Generation Event and they will be distributed according to the Token Distribution Plan.

We will not only create a digital coupon or voucher, but will take advantage of the blockchain technology to create a utility cryptocurrency with the purpose to become the global “Smart Grid” cryptocurrency.

The ROX token will be the exclusive community cryptocurrency for all transactions within the platform, which includes acquiring hardware and services and getting paid for contributions like usage of IoT and assets in the power trade or other revenue generating activities on the Robotina platform.

Smart contracts will be deployed for token generation events and subscription management services. Each subscription paid will get locked into a smart contract for 6 months. As the community grows, more subscriptions will be locked in the smart contract, fewer coins will be in circulation on the open market as described in section 5.4.1. The platform marketplace will also enable outside partners to use the platform as a service, and deploy their own smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and reach out the community.

7. Team

More Infomation

Website: https://www.robotinaico.com/
Whitepaper: https://www.robotinaico.com/documents/Robotina_WP.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/Robotinaico
Twitter: https://twitter.com/robotinaico
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robotinaico/

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1330327
My ETH: 0xC3AF64F15C4a5D6772C320B2D523b889878ba145

Review DIW ICO The secure blockchain-based digital platform

People need to store passwords and sensitive information in an easy-to-access location without the risk of security breach. This is now possible through the use of what is known as a decentralized system. This system solves the issue of a single point of failure on a centralised system. Instead of storing passwords and information in one centre that is monitored and controlled by an individual or   a single organisation, decentralized systems are spread across many servers with no one person or individual entity having control over any data, eliminating a point of attack for hackers.
The content:
1. The Problem
2. The DIW Infrastructure and Protocol
3. The DIW Groundwork
4. The DIW areas of application and phase development
5. DIW’s Unique Features Powered by Blockchain Technology
6. The DIW token
7. Is the DIW Token a Utility or a Security?

DIW is a secure blockchain-based digital platform which safeguards and secures your virtual life granting access to an encrypted decentralised world. DIW provides you with a secure digital vault were you will be able to save all of your valuable data, including personal identification documents, financial documentation, login details, wills, health care records, and much more sensitive and private data. It will also handle your cryptocurrency coins. From then onwards, the wallet, which will be your identity within the DIW network, will be used to grant you access to a global network of DIW members.

As a member you will be able to proceed with transactions between members, exchanging information – including sensitive data, as well as services. Smart contract-based escrow services will be featured. Members will also be able to list themselves on a DIW Global directory reaching out the entire network.

1. The Problem

Advancing Data Breaches:
There is an increasing amount of sensitive data being intercepted or even stolen globally affecting everyone – individuals and businesses alike, sometimes with unimaginable consequences both on and offline.

Utilising Crypto Currency:
In a period of just 12 months, the total market cap of all Crypto Currencies has seen a significant increase. However, crypto currency is solely used within the crypto community and online exchanges
- not in ‘real life’ hence, its usage is limited.

Growing Online Fraud:
Finding trustworthy and professional individuals and businesses to work with online is proving to be harder and harder. Every year, an increasing number of people and businesses are being scammed, left with substandard products, services or, even worse, nothing at all. A recent report revealed that 75% of the companies included within a global survey had fallen victims of fraud, with 69% of these suffering financial loss. The number of attacks on individuals is even higher, as they are much less prepared, thus more prone to attacks.

2. The DIW Infrastructure and Protocol

Ensured advantages of the DIW decentralized community:
+ Ultimate security to the account holder via the utilization of a hardware wallet
+ Efficient, swift and cost-effective transaction processes
+ Complete freedom to transact via any form of currency, digital or fiat
+ Single access to an endless doorway
+ Access to support provided by a large, global community
+ Secure peer-to-peer protocol for the distribution of sensitive data including personal electronic healthcare records

All of the above will be easily accessed via DIW’s platform by simply creating and maintaining an account.

The idea behind DIW is boundless with our imagination being the only limit. The project will only expand over time. If we would try hard to describe it, the closest expression that comes to mind is that DIW is ‘Virtual Life’, a project that will eventually encompass all aspects of human activity.

In technological terms, DIW is a personal decentralized identity service which enables registered account holders to securely store and access sensitive encrypted data utilizing the power of a blockchain network.

Individuals and organizations looking to store, maintain as well as securely share their critical data - in part or in whole - will be greatly benefited by joining the DIW network.

DIW will also develop and supply its own Hardware Wallet which will ensure maximum security to demanding premium members. This, in conjunction with the security offered by blockchain technology provides unprecedented levels of protection and peace of mind; what we call ‘Decentralized Security’!

DIW also intends to introduce the DIW token, which account holders may use to transact with other DIW identity holders including both businesses and /     or individuals. It will also act as a “collect on delivery” service, by which DIW holders can initiate transactions based on pre-specified terms, with or without third party intermediaries monitoring the transaction.

A ‘DIW Payment Gateway’ will also be introduced - an easily integrated check out system - that will provide the opportunity to businesses and individuals alike to pay or be paid in all major fiat as well as crypto currencies and work with validated DIW community members, securely sharing their contact details along the way.

3. The DIW Groundwork

Basic groundwork includes the preparation of a decentralized network that will progressively host and protect its functions as they are added. This includes the development of a secure platform that will be compatible with all major browsers, accessible by most digital devices, including computers, tablets and mobile phones. Preparation work includes the design and development of a DIW Hardware Wallet.

Users will be able to opt whether they will be using a Hardware Wallet right from the get go - whilst they will be opening their new DIW account - something which will provide them with additional protection. For DIW account holders that never used a hardware wallet with their accounts before, the possibility to do so will be offered at any time it is deemed necessary or whenever maximum protection is needed.

The primary focus of the DIW team will be to create the backbone that will support the entire system as well as proceed with Phase 1 listed below. Depending on the funds received, additional phases may become available right from the start, with the primary launch.

4. The DIW areas of application and phase development:

Secure Digital Vault

DIW enables the secure storage of sensitive information such as identification documentation, passwords, bank account and credit card Information, validated KYC or KYS related documentation, wills, as well as other valuable digital data within a highly encrypted, secure and private decentralised platform. The platform will also allow its account holders to securely share their data in part or in whole between them.

Payment Gateway for Crypto and Fiat Currency

Provides a ground breaking and secure medium to website owners to accept payments, in any major currency, fiat or crypto, using the DIW single login decentralized platform. DIW’s Payment Gateway, will be an easily integrated checkout system for many ecommerce websites including those featuring Open-Source CMS such as WordPress and Joomla.

DIW Global Directory

DIW plans to introduce a global directory where account holders, be it individuals or organisations, will be able to list their services and expand their reach. The directory will feature a smart rating system increasing trust and transparency between account holders.

Paid Escrow

Another main feature of the DIW platform is the smart contract – based escrow service that will safeguard transactions between parties. The DIW paid escrow service, will be simple to use but at the same time sophisticated and smart, assuring that all transaction conditions have been met before releasing the funds.

The Vision | Electronic Health Records

It would be an omission for the entire project to ignore the critical necessity of security in regards to Electronic Health Records. Our vision is for DIW to encompass this sector by enabling the encrypted storage and secure sharing of personal EHRs between account holders and validated laboratories, pharmacists, doctors or other healthcare professionals with the additional option of utilizing smart contract technology already featured within the DIW network.

5. DIW’s Unique Features Powered by Blockchain Technology

All of DIW’s functionality, features and level of security is only made possible because of Blockchain Technology. DIW’s decentralized network based on this technology is essential because it ensures consistency, transparency, security, swiftness and anonymity - aspects essential to every account holder with the desire to store and share sensitive information, including cryptocurrency wallets, EHR and financial information, looks to expand their reach, safeguard their interests and proceed with safe, trouble-free, day to day transactions.

6. The DIW token

The DIW ecosystem consists of 1 000 000 000 (one billion) tokens. We propose that a single token be referred to as a “DIW” and be represented by the rhombus symbol. The value of the majority of the tokens distributed from ICOs is mainly affected by the natural fluctuation within the crypto exchange platforms and their existence closely linked to their popularity there.

We differ, as we propose to utilise the use of the DIW token within the DIW ecosystem by paying holders to accommodate the DIW network by utilizing their computing devices’ storage and processing power, by paying a smart contract based escrow service and by completing purchases directly between DIW holders or ecommerce stores, using as commodity either the DIW token or other crypto and/or fiat currency.

We believe that this practice will ensure the sustainability and longevity of the DIW token and safeguard its value as it won’t depend just on demand and supply within the crypto exchange platforms. This unique feature of the DIW token will greatly differentiate it from the rest of the cryptocurrency tokens.

Token Distribution

For crowdsale, we invite individuals and/or organizations that believe in the DIW project and subsequent ecosystem, to participate in the initiative, and buy the DIW token. Out of the one billion pre-mined tokens issued, 700 000 000 (70% of the DIW tokens) will be made available during crowdsale. All unsold tokens will be burned at the end of crowdsale. The DIW token will also support the DIW ecosystem – as per our proposal - since it will be used for transactions within it further boosting its value

+ 70% ICO
+ 15% Founders Tokens (12 months vesting/2 months cliff)
+ 5% Advisors & Partners (12 months vesting/2 months cliff)
+ 2% Bounty
+ 8% Future Partners

ICO Bonus Structure

Hardcap: For the ICO, our aim is to gather from contributing participants the equivalent of 28 million USD in Ethereum.

The ICO will be terminated once the hardcap target has been achieved. This will be affected by the price fluctuation of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Unsold Tokens
All unsold tokens will be burned at the end of the ICO.
Additionally, the percentage burned will also be matched across other allocations mentioned above, to avoid inflation.
Token distribution prior to the ICO will be sent manually. Token prices will be based on the table above. If for example the first 80 000 000 tokens are obtained prior to the ICO, then only 120 000 000 will be available at the lowest price when the ICO will start. So the smart contract will be adjusted based on the number of tokens initially obtained prior to the ICO and will then be uploaded on blockchain. Token Distribution Dates for Pre-Sale and Public ICO: Will be announced on our official website.
Funding Allocation

7. Is the DIW Token a Utility or a Security?

The DIW Token is not a Security since it is clearly stated within our Whitepaper that the Token is intended to be used via the DIW Platform, thus it’s not an investment and neither does it provide any form of anticipation for any future profits.

The plan of the distribution clearly indicates that the DIW token will support the DIW ecosystem since it will be used for transactions within the DIW platform.
DIW invites people who intent to acquire DIW Tokens to utilize the Token solely for personal use, thus not in profit investment.

Comments made within the DIW whitepaper invite the buyer/contributor to purchase DIW Tokens motivated by a desire to use the DIW token within the Platform.

The DIW Whitepaper and video invites participants (Token Holders) to join the DIW movement and not to invest in a project with the intention of making money. DIW will establish a Jurisdiction by Incorporating a Company prior the Pre-ICO to avoid several Jurisdictions to be able to apply their law in regard to the Security Test.

DIW Tokens do not represent shares of the DIW Company or ownership of an entity.

8. Team

9. Roadmap

More Info

Website: https://diwtoken.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/diwtoken
Twitter: https://twitter.com/diwtoken
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diwtoken/

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1785333
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