The world professional sports organization of karate BoutsPro launches its own crypto currency. BoutsPro will change the ecosystem of some 190 million martial arts communities. He will turn amateur tournaments into professionals around the world in accordance with the road map, designed for the next 4 years.

The main purpose of launching the crypto currency was to turn karate into professional karate, as well as sport for the future. Signs from BoutsPro will create an ecosystem for various types of financial programs and activities.

Millions of people practice amateur karate. However, amateur karate is defined as a sport, and here athletes must bear all the costs associated with their training and performance. Then, as a professional karate is already a fighting sport, and here, on the contrary, athletes get a huge reward for their performances in tournaments. Thanks to BoutsPro, ordinary sportsmen can turn into true professionals. Anyone can get help from BoutsPro, from beginners who only study to professionals.

2. Why Need The Blockchain?

Currently, karate is very popular. The number of communities, which includes teachers, students, practitioners, academics, numbers more than 190 million worldwide. To unite all participants in one system, you need a strong management system fund, which generates income from various sources, such as sponsorship of tournaments, sponsorship of events, registration of participants, advertising and so on. It is necessary to fulfill the fund’s requirements related to health insurance, social security of athletes, staff salaries, costs for tournaments and events, as well as prize money and advertising.

The technology of the currencies and block chains will help to solve the problems related to payments and fund management of the industry. The blockchain technology will establish trust management and simplify the currency, and will thereby allow to achieve transparency and efficiency at the technological level. It will be a system that will be able to manage the entire system, and a new technology will attract the attention of new companies, investors, karate sports sponsors, who will benefit from mutual benefits.

Thanks to Blockchain technology, it is possible to optimize the global infrastructure to solve global problems in this space more efficiently than the systems available to date. The block chain is the public register of all transactions that have ever been executed. Lock is the “current” part of the block chain that records some or all of the last one, and afterwards ends up in the block chain as a permanent database. Once the block is completed, a new block is created. Blocks are linked to each other in a linear, chronological order with each block.

Thus, Blockchain is similar to the complete history of banking operations. Transactions entered in chronological order in the blockroom are similar to banking transactions, and the blocks themselves resemble individual bank statements. A full copy of the blockchain has records of every bitlock transaction that has ever been completed. All this gives a complete picture of all operations performed at any time.

3. Technical details

Bouts tokens (ERC20) use the Ethereum based Block Chain technology which widely accepted as well as secure, fast and transparent. Similar to how the HTTP protocol defined the internet, ERC20 is a protocol that defines a set of commands that a token should implement. The ERC20 protocol standard contains basic functions that any useful token should implement to enable trading.

These include transferring tokens, inquiring the balance of tokens at a certain address, and the total supply of tokens. ERC20 compliant tokens all have the same functions, with the same names, that take the same arguments. You can create a token exchange system that allows you to quickly add new tokens to your platform the moment they are released, as long as they follow the ERC20 standard.

The end result is less risk, more uniformity, reduced complexity, and enhanced liquidity of tokens. A successful ICO can have their ERC20 tokens trading on exchanges without any communication between themselves and the exchange developers.

4. Business Scope

+ New Registration Fee: Karate athletes can register on centralized portal of BoutsPro, after completion of basic formalities through the local Board/Representative. They will get all information e.g. ranking, upcoming events/tournaments as well as educational & training lessons.

+ Annual Renewal Fee: Member registration includes tournament participation fee (1 year), educational & training support, maintenance of online records & ranking. Membership should be renewed every year.

+ Project CuppaSchoola: BoutsPro shares the principles of vBelieve Sports, “Nurture the Future” by infusing scholarship to our young talent filtered

through multiple programme of CuppaSchoola. We are targeting 100,000 schools in our first phase of CuppaSchoola program.

+ Event & Tournament tickets: Event & Tournament tickets will also be the major part of revenue. Tickets can be sold online by using BoutsPro tokens.

+ Franchise/Team Sale: Along with the World Series, we also have designed private club / team. These teams will participate in World Professional Karate League. Franchise of team will be sold on revenue share module.

+ Advertisement: BoutsPro has designed different types of advertisement categories e.g. online advertisement of our portals & applications, advertisement banner on different sights of Dojos & Stadiums. The advertisement slots will be sold online through BoutsPro tokens.

+ Sponsorship: Like other sports, we attract sponsorship for our various events.

+ Sports Insurance: We are shortly coming up with Sports Insurances. We provide insurance to all the athletes.

+ BoutsPro.TV: BoutsPro.TV brings all faculties of entertainment industry under one roof. It is established in collaboration with QuickMedia and Pozetta Broadcasters of Czech Republic that primarily facilitates AKAMAI platform for live streaming of video feeds and video-on-demand. BoutsPro.TV plans to expand into film and television production as well as online distribution. We plan to enter into content-production industry by 2018

+ Gaming: Based on our Karate theme & world championship, we are working on different types of video games. We are also in a process of tie-up with online game development companies. The purpose of these games is to provide healthy entertainment and educate basics of karate to the common people as well athletes. BoutsPro token will required on the different states in the game & the players can also convert their scores/rewards in BoutsPro tokens.

+ Movie Production: Movies had played significant role to popularise Karate worldwide. Movies like “The Karate Kid” & “Kung Fu Panda” have made great impact on young generation and encourage them to learn karate.

“Bruce Lee”, “Jackie Chan”, “Jet Li”, “Donnie Yen”, “Michelle Yeoh”, “Kara Hui” & “Cynthia Rothrock” are among the movie stars who played major role to make Karate famous among common people. Understanding the power of movies, BoutsPro decided to produce one world class movie based on Karate, every year.

+ Dojo & Stadium: BoutsPro has planned to create World Class Stadiums/Dojos worldwide. In our first phase we are in a process to initiate of around 100 Stadiums & Dojos. Athletes will get the chance practice with better opponent and get the guidance of legendry coaches & trainers.

+ BoutsPro Cards: We have designed three different types of cards. These cards will provide access of our services (BoutsPro.TV, Games, Apps, Premium pass for tournaments etc.) to sports lovers.

+ BoutsPro Global Schools: We have planned to establish BoutsPro Global Schools for regular mainstream education in most innovative ways. The said project is to be implemented in collaboration with various governments in each continents of the World. The process is already initiated in Serbia (Europe) and Indonesia (Asia).

5. BoutsPro ICO

BoutsPro is planning to launch it token sale on the global platform & make it available for all participants. Details of BoutsPro tokens are as below:

  • Token Name: BoutsPro
  • Ticker: BOUTS
  • Total Supply: 2,000,000,000
  • Hard Cap (ICO): 1,000,000,000
  • Minable: No
  • ICO Base Price: 9000 BOUTS/ETH
  • Smart Contract: Will be announced later
  • Currency Accepted: Ether
  • Standard gas price: 20 Gwei
  • Minimum Purchase: 0.1 ETH

Distribution of Tokens

+ 50% — ICO (Public Crowd Funding)
+ 25% — Community (# Available for Karate Community on ICO Base price)
+ 10% — Dev Fund (* Locked for 1 year in Smart Contract)
+ 5% — Rewards (Rewards & Support fund for players & trainers)
+ 3% — Bounty Campaign (Social Bounty, Bug Bounty, Translations, Give away & Airdrop)
+ 2% — Advisors
+ 5% — Reserve Fund (Future requirement or Backup)

6. Roadmap

More Infomation

White paper:

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