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Thứ Sáu, 23 tháng 3, 2018
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1: What is World Peace Coin(WPC)?
2: Why need Investment For WPC
4. About TSUMUGI technology
5. Policy Donations to Developing Countries

1: What is World Peace Coin(WPC)?

WPC is a digital currency that expects to course out the world neediness and in addition a cryptographic money using blockchain innovation. It empowers you the constant settlement with a low settlement charge. The most extreme measure of WPC is set at 2.5 billion and we will give 10% of them which is equal to 250 million to creating nations. WPC adds to making open doors for individuals, who have neither ledgers nor access to money related administrations, to experience their autonomous lives.

Besides, it uses its own particular counterfeit consciousness (AI) framework called "TSUMUGI" which computes FICO assessments of individuals with no ledger so it is fit for giving the progressive framework, Proof of Lending (PoL), that empowers WPC proprietors to mine while financing.

That implies, WPC gives chances to individuals who require a fund to experience their autonomous lives by breaking down huge information with AI and computing their FICO assessments.

2: Why need Investment For WPC

There are countries in the world that seem to have a strong economy, but their minimum wage is quite low. The publication of the minimum wage will give us a clearer view of the disparity of wealth and the standard of living of the people of the world.

While fast financial development is required to expand the wage of creating nations, we found that proprietorship rate of portable terminals were greatly high despite low ledger possession rate in such nations. We trust obligations and utilization can dynamize the economy. In this way, we finished up the spread of another cryptographic money with blockchain innovation could make obligations and utilization accessible with the portable terminals. In view of these foundations, WPC was produced.


WPC is a public cryptocurrency with our own blockchain born in 2016. To improve security strength, realize smart contract, and utilize PoL, WPC will utilize the ERC-20 token standard after the ICO. WPC, as a cryptocurrency, adopts both Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) and enables you to receive ERC-20 WPC through equivalent exchange with not ERC-20 WPC at cryptocurrency exchanges.

It holds 10% of the total amount in its dedicated wallet and donate it for supporting the independent lives of the world’s poverty.

The WPC source code will be published on GitHub in accordance with the stability of the blockchain and the listing to, the cryptocurrency Exchange scheduled for Q2 2018 to guarantee the benefit of the ICO participants.

  • Currency : X13
  • Token : ERC-20
  • block generation time: 2.5 min
  • block size: 1MB

WPC uses the hybrid of PoW and PoS until October 2020. Since then, WPC will move on to a hybrid of PoW and PoL so that it can realize the world peace as well as benefits of investors. In case the planned movement from PoS to PoL in October 2020 is behind schedule, it keeps running with PoS, and does not affect the mining of WPC.

Sales Schedule

ICO has become a new way of raising funds for companies trying to launch a new business and is used around the world. With ICO, it became possible for companies to offer their own cryptocurrencies to investors and to raise funds for a new business.

We held presale of WPC in October 2017 and plan to hold pre-ICO on December 20th, 2017~January 20th,2018. We set our target amount of pre-ICO to USD 10 million and are going to use it for development, marketing and the upcoming ICO. ICO is scheduled on March 25th, 2018~May 23th, 2018 (UTC).

Target amount of ICO including pre-ICO is USD 20 million. The sales of them are going to be handled on Ethereum and bitcoin and the price is as follows.

  • pre-ICO: 1WPC = USD 0.22
  • ICO: 1WPC = USD 0.28
  • March 25 - April 8 bonus : 17%
  • April 9 - April 23 bonus : 12%
  • April 24 - May 8 bonus : 8%
  • May 9 - May 23 No bonus

WPC will be available for converting into legal currencies and major cryptocurrencies on cryptocurrency exchanges from June 2018. The table below shows the details of how the fund obtained from the ICO will be used

4. About TSUMUGI technology

World Peace Coin uses TSUMUGI technology. TSUMUGI is a system using a cutting-edge AI technology to realize a FinTech service for “investment in the future” of consumers. TSUMUGI creates chances and realizes the world peace with economic circulation. The followings are two main roles of it:

+ Original credit scoring without any financial systems such as banks
+ “Mother wallet” for functioning PoL practically

TSUMUGI calculates credit scores of people in developing countries with its own formula. The credit scores of them had been unclear, because they have no access to any financial services.

TSUMUGI is a database to provide credit scores for PoL as well as a mother wallet managing and distributing loans appropriately collecting learning materials effectively. Với PoL, người dùng không gửi hoặc nhận tiền trực tiếp với nhau. Thay vào đó, người dùng ở các nước phát triển gửi TSUMUGI như một ví tiền mẹ tự động để thực hiện PoL, và TSUMUGI phân phối và gửi nó cho người dùng ở các nước đang phát triển theo điểm tín dụng và các ứng dụng cho vay của họ.

5. Policy Donations to Developing Countries

250 million WPC which is equivalent to 10% of total issue amount will be donated to developing countries that need a financial platform. The donations will be done in stages in multiple countries and areas and the infrastructure ground of WPC distribution will be developed to support the poor. In addition to that, it also plays the role of a marketing to complement big data for minimizing the risk of investors. We have chosen Myanmar as the first country to adopt WPC.

Donation amount per person is about 6 months of minimum wage at the time of October 2018 and it will be sent in installments over about 2 years. Every use history of the WPC will be sent to TSUMUGI with some local data as an initial data.

7. Team

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