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People need to store passwords and sensitive information in an easy-to-access location without the risk of security breach. This is now possible through the use of what is known as a decentralized system. This system solves the issue of a single point of failure on a centralised system. Instead of storing passwords and information in one centre that is monitored and controlled by an individual or   a single organisation, decentralized systems are spread across many servers with no one person or individual entity having control over any data, eliminating a point of attack for hackers.
The content:
1. The Problem
2. The DIW Infrastructure and Protocol
3. The DIW Groundwork
4. The DIW areas of application and phase development
5. DIW’s Unique Features Powered by Blockchain Technology
6. The DIW token
7. Is the DIW Token a Utility or a Security?

DIW is a secure blockchain-based digital platform which safeguards and secures your virtual life granting access to an encrypted decentralised world. DIW provides you with a secure digital vault were you will be able to save all of your valuable data, including personal identification documents, financial documentation, login details, wills, health care records, and much more sensitive and private data. It will also handle your cryptocurrency coins. From then onwards, the wallet, which will be your identity within the DIW network, will be used to grant you access to a global network of DIW members.

As a member you will be able to proceed with transactions between members, exchanging information – including sensitive data, as well as services. Smart contract-based escrow services will be featured. Members will also be able to list themselves on a DIW Global directory reaching out the entire network.

1. The Problem

Advancing Data Breaches:
There is an increasing amount of sensitive data being intercepted or even stolen globally affecting everyone – individuals and businesses alike, sometimes with unimaginable consequences both on and offline.

Utilising Crypto Currency:
In a period of just 12 months, the total market cap of all Crypto Currencies has seen a significant increase. However, crypto currency is solely used within the crypto community and online exchanges
- not in ‘real life’ hence, its usage is limited.

Growing Online Fraud:
Finding trustworthy and professional individuals and businesses to work with online is proving to be harder and harder. Every year, an increasing number of people and businesses are being scammed, left with substandard products, services or, even worse, nothing at all. A recent report revealed that 75% of the companies included within a global survey had fallen victims of fraud, with 69% of these suffering financial loss. The number of attacks on individuals is even higher, as they are much less prepared, thus more prone to attacks.

2. The DIW Infrastructure and Protocol

Ensured advantages of the DIW decentralized community:
+ Ultimate security to the account holder via the utilization of a hardware wallet
+ Efficient, swift and cost-effective transaction processes
+ Complete freedom to transact via any form of currency, digital or fiat
+ Single access to an endless doorway
+ Access to support provided by a large, global community
+ Secure peer-to-peer protocol for the distribution of sensitive data including personal electronic healthcare records

All of the above will be easily accessed via DIW’s platform by simply creating and maintaining an account.

The idea behind DIW is boundless with our imagination being the only limit. The project will only expand over time. If we would try hard to describe it, the closest expression that comes to mind is that DIW is ‘Virtual Life’, a project that will eventually encompass all aspects of human activity.

In technological terms, DIW is a personal decentralized identity service which enables registered account holders to securely store and access sensitive encrypted data utilizing the power of a blockchain network.

Individuals and organizations looking to store, maintain as well as securely share their critical data - in part or in whole - will be greatly benefited by joining the DIW network.

DIW will also develop and supply its own Hardware Wallet which will ensure maximum security to demanding premium members. This, in conjunction with the security offered by blockchain technology provides unprecedented levels of protection and peace of mind; what we call ‘Decentralized Security’!

DIW also intends to introduce the DIW token, which account holders may use to transact with other DIW identity holders including both businesses and /     or individuals. It will also act as a “collect on delivery” service, by which DIW holders can initiate transactions based on pre-specified terms, with or without third party intermediaries monitoring the transaction.

A ‘DIW Payment Gateway’ will also be introduced - an easily integrated check out system - that will provide the opportunity to businesses and individuals alike to pay or be paid in all major fiat as well as crypto currencies and work with validated DIW community members, securely sharing their contact details along the way.

3. The DIW Groundwork

Basic groundwork includes the preparation of a decentralized network that will progressively host and protect its functions as they are added. This includes the development of a secure platform that will be compatible with all major browsers, accessible by most digital devices, including computers, tablets and mobile phones. Preparation work includes the design and development of a DIW Hardware Wallet.

Users will be able to opt whether they will be using a Hardware Wallet right from the get go - whilst they will be opening their new DIW account - something which will provide them with additional protection. For DIW account holders that never used a hardware wallet with their accounts before, the possibility to do so will be offered at any time it is deemed necessary or whenever maximum protection is needed.

The primary focus of the DIW team will be to create the backbone that will support the entire system as well as proceed with Phase 1 listed below. Depending on the funds received, additional phases may become available right from the start, with the primary launch.

4. The DIW areas of application and phase development:

Secure Digital Vault

DIW enables the secure storage of sensitive information such as identification documentation, passwords, bank account and credit card Information, validated KYC or KYS related documentation, wills, as well as other valuable digital data within a highly encrypted, secure and private decentralised platform. The platform will also allow its account holders to securely share their data in part or in whole between them.

Payment Gateway for Crypto and Fiat Currency

Provides a ground breaking and secure medium to website owners to accept payments, in any major currency, fiat or crypto, using the DIW single login decentralized platform. DIW’s Payment Gateway, will be an easily integrated checkout system for many ecommerce websites including those featuring Open-Source CMS such as WordPress and Joomla.

DIW Global Directory

DIW plans to introduce a global directory where account holders, be it individuals or organisations, will be able to list their services and expand their reach. The directory will feature a smart rating system increasing trust and transparency between account holders.

Paid Escrow

Another main feature of the DIW platform is the smart contract – based escrow service that will safeguard transactions between parties. The DIW paid escrow service, will be simple to use but at the same time sophisticated and smart, assuring that all transaction conditions have been met before releasing the funds.

The Vision | Electronic Health Records

It would be an omission for the entire project to ignore the critical necessity of security in regards to Electronic Health Records. Our vision is for DIW to encompass this sector by enabling the encrypted storage and secure sharing of personal EHRs between account holders and validated laboratories, pharmacists, doctors or other healthcare professionals with the additional option of utilizing smart contract technology already featured within the DIW network.

5. DIW’s Unique Features Powered by Blockchain Technology

All of DIW’s functionality, features and level of security is only made possible because of Blockchain Technology. DIW’s decentralized network based on this technology is essential because it ensures consistency, transparency, security, swiftness and anonymity - aspects essential to every account holder with the desire to store and share sensitive information, including cryptocurrency wallets, EHR and financial information, looks to expand their reach, safeguard their interests and proceed with safe, trouble-free, day to day transactions.

6. The DIW token

The DIW ecosystem consists of 1 000 000 000 (one billion) tokens. We propose that a single token be referred to as a “DIW” and be represented by the rhombus symbol. The value of the majority of the tokens distributed from ICOs is mainly affected by the natural fluctuation within the crypto exchange platforms and their existence closely linked to their popularity there.

We differ, as we propose to utilise the use of the DIW token within the DIW ecosystem by paying holders to accommodate the DIW network by utilizing their computing devices’ storage and processing power, by paying a smart contract based escrow service and by completing purchases directly between DIW holders or ecommerce stores, using as commodity either the DIW token or other crypto and/or fiat currency.

We believe that this practice will ensure the sustainability and longevity of the DIW token and safeguard its value as it won’t depend just on demand and supply within the crypto exchange platforms. This unique feature of the DIW token will greatly differentiate it from the rest of the cryptocurrency tokens.

Token Distribution

For crowdsale, we invite individuals and/or organizations that believe in the DIW project and subsequent ecosystem, to participate in the initiative, and buy the DIW token. Out of the one billion pre-mined tokens issued, 700 000 000 (70% of the DIW tokens) will be made available during crowdsale. All unsold tokens will be burned at the end of crowdsale. The DIW token will also support the DIW ecosystem – as per our proposal - since it will be used for transactions within it further boosting its value

+ 70% ICO
+ 15% Founders Tokens (12 months vesting/2 months cliff)
+ 5% Advisors & Partners (12 months vesting/2 months cliff)
+ 2% Bounty
+ 8% Future Partners

ICO Bonus Structure

Hardcap: For the ICO, our aim is to gather from contributing participants the equivalent of 28 million USD in Ethereum.

The ICO will be terminated once the hardcap target has been achieved. This will be affected by the price fluctuation of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Unsold Tokens
All unsold tokens will be burned at the end of the ICO.
Additionally, the percentage burned will also be matched across other allocations mentioned above, to avoid inflation.
Token distribution prior to the ICO will be sent manually. Token prices will be based on the table above. If for example the first 80 000 000 tokens are obtained prior to the ICO, then only 120 000 000 will be available at the lowest price when the ICO will start. So the smart contract will be adjusted based on the number of tokens initially obtained prior to the ICO and will then be uploaded on blockchain. Token Distribution Dates for Pre-Sale and Public ICO: Will be announced on our official website.
Funding Allocation

7. Is the DIW Token a Utility or a Security?

The DIW Token is not a Security since it is clearly stated within our Whitepaper that the Token is intended to be used via the DIW Platform, thus it’s not an investment and neither does it provide any form of anticipation for any future profits.

The plan of the distribution clearly indicates that the DIW token will support the DIW ecosystem since it will be used for transactions within the DIW platform.
DIW invites people who intent to acquire DIW Tokens to utilize the Token solely for personal use, thus not in profit investment.

Comments made within the DIW whitepaper invite the buyer/contributor to purchase DIW Tokens motivated by a desire to use the DIW token within the Platform.

The DIW Whitepaper and video invites participants (Token Holders) to join the DIW movement and not to invest in a project with the intention of making money. DIW will establish a Jurisdiction by Incorporating a Company prior the Pre-ICO to avoid several Jurisdictions to be able to apply their law in regard to the Security Test.

DIW Tokens do not represent shares of the DIW Company or ownership of an entity.

8. Team

9. Roadmap

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