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Thứ Hai, 19 tháng 3, 2018
Ethearnal is a distributed (P2P) independent framework, in which businesses and specialists meet, go into trustless brilliant contracts with notoriety and cash retained, and exploit a decentralized arrangement of mediators if necessary. We impact notoriety and financial activities into one by tokenizing notoriety and giving it esteem. All gatherings, mediators included, have solid and adjusted activities to act truly, since everybody has something of significant worth in question and a comment if the coveted result is accomplished.
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Ethearnal is the first ICO 2.0!

The token holders remain in control of the team spending!
Only 10% of the collected funds are released to us upon completion of the ICO. The other 90% and the founders’ tokens remain locked in the smart contract. We keep the community constantly updated on our progress, when we need more funds released we initiate a voting process.

Every token holder can vote proportionally to his tokens by sending a simple transaction to the smart contract, if we should get another round of funding. If 51% vote no, we don’t get anything and continue working until the token holders are satisfied enough to vote yes the next time we initiate a voting process. Our smart contracts are public and everyone with the skills can verify the above.

Every token holder can start a refund process!
At any time, anyone holding at least 1 ERT token can initiate a refund voting process by sending a transaction to our smart contract. If 65% of the tokens vote for a refund all remaining funds are refunded proportionally.

So, at any time, we are in possession of only 10% of the funding and if we stop delivering on our promises, you can get back the rest of your investment.

Everything we do is open source and easy to monitor. We already have minimum viable product developed with our own funding.

Dynamic hourly ICO cap.
During the first hour of our ICO, the smart contract accepts maximum of 1 ether per person. Every transaction above 1 ether will not be accepted. The second hour that cap is increased to 2 ether and so on every hour until the end of the ICO.

This makes it inefficient to have a huge gas fee to make your transaction go first and out place the smaller participants. And if for some reason your transaction didn’t get through you have a new chance every hour! That way, a whale must compete with thousands of regular participants every hour, leveling the playing field as much as possible (not bulletproof though), without an invasive and bureaucratic onboarding process.

Details of Ethearnal ICO

ICO 2.0, independent and hierarchical, AI. Democracy No profit A bill of 0% to 1% is returned to the system to coordinate the initiatives of all stakeholders.

Other actual projects, in fact, are not decentralized. Communities (all ERT owners) can choose and make decisions. Other projects we see are centered by hosting or grouping. The only part involved in chaining is the intellectual, and not so sophisticated contract to exploit the full potential of this technology. The system we provide is self-sufficient and self-regulated. He can grow independently, without us, and we do not make a profit vector for us. We make a profit, like other token owners.

We also found that only a few AI-based projects, we intend to have millions of users on the platform, and this should really develop and be self-sufficient. We will use OpenAI in search engines and other Ethearnal functions .

ICO will begin on 28 February 2018 and end on March 31, 2018. During the ICO, up to 30,000,000 Ethereal cards (ERT) account for 75 %% of ERT’s total supply. During this time, a hard 30,000 ETH lid has been installed.

+ Hard Cap is 30,000 ETH
+ Soft cap is decided by participants, since they can initiate refund process if they deem the raised funds are insufficient.
+ 1 Ether gets you 1000 ERT. Or the price per 1 ERT is 0.001 Ether
+ 1000 ERC-20 ERT tokens are generated for every 1 Ether sent. Total token supply depends on that.
+ ICO starts at 28th February and ends at 31th March.
+ Maximum possible total token supply: 40,000,000ERT
+ Quorum needed for starting voting process: 51%
+ Votes needed to release next round of funding: 51%
+ % of the funds to be released after voting in our favour: 10%
+ Votes needed to get the raised funds refunded: 65%


Roadmap 2018

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