Robotina (ROX) develops IoT platform lowers electricity costs

Thứ Năm, 8 tháng 3, 2018
In 1882, Thomas Edison opened the first commercial center in Manhattan, 1 The new companies appeared to help develop a national power grid that provided the energy needed to renew life. Worldwide, the total consumption of electricity reached almost 20.000 TWh1 with an average price of 0.14 USD per KWh, which equates to USD 3tn per year! The growing electricity consumption.

There are many causes make the electricity grid extremely unstable, which causes high costs of the system’s operators and also high costs for the end-user. These situations require substantial investments in new infrastructure and smarter use of the existing one. In order to sustain our actual standard of living, we must reduce (per capita) and shift (in time) the consumption of electrical energy.

The interest in the alternative sources of energy, such as solar, biofuel, wind, nuclear has been increasing rapidly. However, it is challenging for the power plants to supply a constant output.

The hybrid solutions often prove to be costlier and it becomes difficult for them to deal with the ever-increasing demand for energy. An excessive use of power by unattended appliances proves costly to the environment, power-grids as well as consumers.

It is not practical to keep a check on each and every device. Robotina offers the technology that facilitates effective utilization of power at every level.

1. The solution of Robotina

With the Robotina Platform, the future is HERE. We have tested, demonstrated and validated, that we can save 10-20 % by using state-of-the-art technology, which is available and feasible NOW2. In our vision, our community members collaborate in order to save and earn money while consuming electrical energy. This vision becomes reality with the deployment of the Robotina Platform.

Robotina develops IoT platform that changes the way people use power. By applying several state-of-the-art technologies, Robotina reduces energy consumption, lowers electricity costs, and optimizes the entire electricity grid by monitoring real-time consumption data. The platform manages users’ devices, then collects and processes anonymous data to help maximize efficiency. Users can choose whether to sell their data for a profit or keep it 100% private.

1.1 Internet of things + artificial intelligence + blockchain

Applying several state-of-the–art technologies, the Robotina Platform reduces electric energy consumption, lowers electricity costs and optimizes the functioning of the entire electricity grid by monitoring and controlling real-time electricity consumption and distributed production. Thus it (1) manages the devices and (2) collects and processes the data from platform users. This data is then offered to the network operators or electric energy producers.

Using smart technology the Robotina Platform solution will help you optimize  the consumption of electricity by automatically turning off a device when in use (but not needed) or switching it on when the tariff is cheapest. Additionally, you will earn money by allowing power consumption flexibility to the grid and by collaborating in group buying, power trade, aggregated data sales, crowd financing and by activities in the platform’s marketplace. Last but not least, you will significantly contribute to a greener environment and sustainable development of mankind.

1.2 Group buying

Users of the platform will be aggregated to carry out a group purchase of electricity. More than 1,000 or more than 10,000 users will have a stronger negotiating position regarding the price than if they negotiated separately with the providers.

1.3. Power trade

Selling electricity to the highest bidder when the network needs it. This is implemented in such a way that for a short time a large number of users agree a device or devices is/are turned off. Only those devices that do not affect the quality of living are switched off - e.g. the boiler turns off for 5 min, heat pump for 10 min, etc.

1.4 Aggregated data sell

Data collected and processed by the platform will be sold
+ Electricity distributors so that they can better plan the amount of electricity they need for their customers,
+ Electricity producers, (3) advertisers, etc.

1.5 Crowd financing

Supported by the community, the funds for financing equipment for larger facilities (B2B) are raised within the platform. The Community is therefore rewarded on the basis of collecting the majority of the savings gained on the facility.

1.5 Marketplace

The marketplace is the central business area of the platform. All the transactions happen in the marketplace.

2. Technologies

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of intelligent connected devices, digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

The artificial intelligence (AI) is a systematic search through a range of possible energy optimization solutions in order to reach some predefined goals of the platform’s user. AI is the brains of the Robotina’s platform which cracks the real time smart grid data into valuable information and provides the rewards to its members.

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger which hosts a number of smart contracts triggered between different parties and a definitive contract is produced that can’t be disputed. The individuals involved are anonymous, but the contract is public on a decentralized ledger. Transactions are encrypted.

3. How do Robotina work?

Step 1: You receive the Energy Management System (EMS) hardware device. It’s a smart Internet of Things (IoT) device that senses the energy consumption and behavior of your electrical appliances. After the installation, it immediately starts sending data to and receiving data from Robotina Platform.

Step 2: You are connected! You save up to 30 % on electricity bills by using the EMS connected to the platform. Internet of Things (IoT) sensors across the entire energy network from producer > distributor > consumer – to optimize the network and brings you savings from an optimal ‘energy value chain’. Using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) the Robotina Platform operates your electric devices so that it switches them on when the price of electricity is lowest and turns them off when electricity is more expensive or when the need for the electricity in the network is higher.

Step 3: Robotina Smart Grid platform collects anonymous energy data 24/7. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the platform collects and processes the data sent by EMS device to identify the historical data patterns such as when and how many times the boiler, air conditioner, heat pump, etc. is switched on. AI uses weather forecasts and energy price data to optimize your expenses.

Step 4: Additional savings based on collaboration. The Community benefits from all transactions on the Robotina Platform. The majority of the earnings generated by group buying, power trade (which stabilizes the grid), aggregated data sales and crowd financing is given back to the community.

Step 5: Robotina Utility Token (ROX) is the platform’s utility token, used in all transactions within the platform. You can pay for the products and services on the platform also with other tokens, coins or fiat money, but you will only receive a special discount when paying with ROX.

4. Robotina ICO

Robotina Utility Token (ROX) will be the fuel of the Robotina Platform, used by members worldwide. It will be an application specific token, built on top of the existing Ethereum blockchain, allowing us to return to the community the value for their cooperative behavior. ROX can - WILL be used on the Robotina platform:

For esco crowdfunding: ROX tokens will exclusively be used in Energy Service Company (ESCO) which will implement the energy efficiency projects for business customers, who will have a great opportunity to save energy and manage costs.

As a membership proof: All members holding ROX will be able to identify themselves within the community and participate in members only benefits including group buying, Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Fund and Energy Service Company (ESCO) Pool.

For community incentives & rewards: Platform will enable connected users to directly gain ROXs from aggregated data sales, power trade and a share (%) from all hardware sales. We will buy- back ROX on the secondary market if client paid for hardware in fiat currency.

As a payment method for subscription: All subscriptions will be paid monthly and will get 3 % off if paid by ROX. All subscriptions will be locked for 6 months into a smart contract. With the growth of the community, funds locked in will grow and fewer tokens will be on the open market.

For buying hardware & software: Robotina Platform will have an in-built App Store where ROX and other curren- cies will be used when buying hardware, software and numerous services.

For vpp crowdfunding: Virtual Power Plants (VPP) will give to the ROX holders without solar power plants or other relevant energy related assets a chance to participate in benefits, derived from energy and power trading.

4.1 Crowdsale details

+ Token name: Robotina
+ Token symbol: ROX
+ Token standard: ERC-20
+ Soft cap: $10 million
+ Hard cap: $28.5 million
+ ROX price: 0.05$
+ Total token supply: 815.000.000 ROX
+ Crowdsale distribution: 570.500.000 ROX
+ Minimum contribution: 0.5 ETH
+ Start of token crowdsale: 21 March 2018
+ End of token crowdsale: 30 April 2018

PHASE 1: Pre-sale
Start: 21. 02. 2018 at 15:00 CET
Finish: 21. 03. 2018 at 14.59 CET
Hard Cap: $15.5 M| Bonus: 10 %

Start: 21. 03. 2018 at 15:00 CET
Finish: 30. 04. 2018 at 14.59 CET until
Hard Cap Total Hard Cap: $28.5 M
Bonus1: 5 % first $7 M
Bonus2: 0% last $6 M

+ When in the presale (Phase 1) HARD CAP ($15. 5M) is reached, all transfers are rejected until Phase 2 opens. When Total Hard Cap: $28.5M is reached, all funds are rejected and transferred back.
+ Initial Coin Offering (ICO) SOFT CAP: $10M.
+ Potentially unsold Tokens reserved for crowd sale will never be created.

5. Platform generated users benefits, savings and revenue

+ Awareness – This is the basic functionality, which will help users to understand their energy profile, consumption and production. Tariff systems and offers of various providers will be analysed and compared. Potential changes could be simulated with real data thus leading to savings that will be achieved through better information and consequent decisions. User will be able to set various alarms and notifications.

+ Control – User will act. By using his “Commander” application, user will access, monitor and control his things and sites through smartphone or web browser regardless of his location. He will be able to instantly change the ON/OFF status. Alternatively, he will be able to impose new rules, make other change or can set the scheduled tasks.

+ Energy saving – Behaviour analyses, machine learning, energy efficiency (EE) rules, weather forecast and the power of the platform will be used to achieve one task: to implement user’s strategy and actively seek for best compromise between energy consumption, comfort and other objectives.

+ Smart grids – The ultimate PROSUMER functionality. User will benefit from dynamic energy pricing and use his IoT things and the Robotina platform to dramatically reduce his energy expenses without sacrifising his comfort. Some users’ assets – IoT things, solar power plant, battery storage and even electrical vehicle - are real prosumers (they can actually produce energy). Other assets are virtual prosumers – Home Energy Management System (HEMS) and the Robotina platform will turn them into prosumers by wisely shifting their usage in time.

+ Power trading – Users who will join the community cooperative initiative will be able to actually earn ROX tokens (and money) by offering their assets to the platform initiative of POWER TRADING. The platform will aggregate users and form an enormous Virtual Power Plant, which will sell its services to various players on the grid.

+ Internal energy trade – the robotina platform will enable members of the community to sell or buy energy from other community members.

+ Community (crowd) energy purchasing & sale – aggregated needs will gain bargaining power. joint forces will enable community members to negotiate better prices and better conditions for additional savings.

+ Data sales – platform will own important and valuable anonymous data, which will be sold to the companies that requiring it. users and community members will earn rox tokens.

+ Community book – users will publish real time data and publish their achievements, allow tailor made messages and declare their requirements. this will create a virtual, connected community with multiple benefits for users.

+ Access to the platform – users can benefit from all businesses in the marketplace and they can actively set their cooperative, business or charity initiatives on the platform.

+ Power – community means power and power means savings and safety.

+ Opportunity – users will be able to participate on the marketplace by selling or buying various services.

6. Why use blockchain

The Robotina’s project includes integration of advanced blockchain technology. We will establish a Robotina an Utility Token (ROX), a digital cryptocurrency, that when used, will give a 3 % discount for all transactions with and within the Robotina platform. ROX aims to become the main cryptocurrency in the “Smart Grid” world.

This technology is absolutely necessary to create and manage the community which will be global and will form sub-communities which may be geography-driven (Europe, a city, a street) or interest-driven (power selling, community purchase etc.). It will enable the creation of a transparent, secure and distributed storage of information about transactions.

The ROX Utility Token will be an ERC-20 standard compliant token will. A limited number of tokens will be released at the Token Generation Event and they will be distributed according to the Token Distribution Plan.

We will not only create a digital coupon or voucher, but will take advantage of the blockchain technology to create a utility cryptocurrency with the purpose to become the global “Smart Grid” cryptocurrency.

The ROX token will be the exclusive community cryptocurrency for all transactions within the platform, which includes acquiring hardware and services and getting paid for contributions like usage of IoT and assets in the power trade or other revenue generating activities on the Robotina platform.

Smart contracts will be deployed for token generation events and subscription management services. Each subscription paid will get locked into a smart contract for 6 months. As the community grows, more subscriptions will be locked in the smart contract, fewer coins will be in circulation on the open market as described in section 5.4.1. The platform marketplace will also enable outside partners to use the platform as a service, and deploy their own smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and reach out the community.

7. Team

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