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1. What Is VICoin

ICO VIcoin — Virtonomics is a strategic online game based on real-world economics, business and entrepreneurship. Virtonomics is a decentralized active blockchain game platform that simulates business situations, and currently launches its cryptocurrency, VICoin based on virtual economy, where the player can get a return on their investments in the assets of the virtual company, generating the “fuel” to the low-cost mining of cryptocurrency VIcoin and will allow the capitalization and direct training of the intellectual capabilities, management skills, labor and time spent in creating and developing a virtual economy.

2. Why Need VICoin?

There is a lot of good things for the Virtonomics and that’s what makes this project incredible to those who are interested in investing.To know more about the problem that Virtonomics are solving are:

Block mining as a way of cryptocurrency earning is still very much preserve of advanced technology geeks.

Earning cryptocurrency by mining involves quite substantial investment in technological infrastructure as well as operating costs of running and maintaining mining “farms” and electricity bills.

A miner has almost ZERO influence on the process of gaining cryptocurrency, since everything depends on his spendings on equipment, capacity, productivity maintenance and electricity consumption.

Those problems will be solve through Virtonomics way by dividing the process of the latter’s creation into two fundamentally different processes: First, mining as the technological process cryptographic blocks generation, too complicated for most people to understand; and second, digging as the activity which is meaningful and comprehensible for the general public, forming foundation for generation of tokens and awarding them to people according to the results of their operations.

The essence of the concept and Virtonomic$ platform can be summed up in a simple formula:
Cryptocurrency = block mining + results of purposeful human activities, understood by and common to a large number of people

VICoin (VIC) is the token of Virtonomics application based on smart contracts of Ethereum blockchain platform. It can be earned in Virtonomics economic game, being in free circulation outside Virtonomics ecosystem.

circulates freely, listed on exchanges and has naturalization channels
This coin will be available during the pre sale until it’s ICO’s over
Max. amount that can be created is 800 000 000 VIC
price of 1 token is USD 0.8 (denominated in ETH)

3. Why VICoin Appreciate?

Because of the size of the problem and overdemand. The total number of VICoin to be issued is set at 800,000 000 VICoin.

The economics of token circulation are self-sustaining. A person can buy any Virtonomik excavation assets only for tokens. At the time of purchase at Virtonomics Marketplace, the appropriate number of tokens is burned.

The settlement between users for the services provided (the labor market in Virtonomik) is done exclusively on the VICoin token.

Tokens are issued gradually and with decreasing time effects. For example, 19% of tokens will be mined in the first year of 19% but only 15% in the second year, and so on. The fall of the number of mining tokens with the expansion of the project audience will increase the demand and, consequently, the token level.

4. Advantages Of Virtonomics Project and VICoin Tokens

+ Virtonomics is an active and well-known trust project. This global business simulator has been running and developing for many years and ranks among the most widely known business simulators globally. It boasts top search results for key relevant queries such as “online business simulation”, thousands of organic new user registrations monthly, stable audience and over 2 million registered users worldwide (En, Es, Ru).

+ Besides the growing but still compact blockchain community, the project aims at the wide business community and the people looking for tools of operation and earning on the Internet that are clear and available for all.

+ VIRTONOMICS creates an ecosystem (through VICoin), which is capable of meeting the thousands million people needs in an affordable, interesting, creative and well-paid online job

+ The project team is one of the strongest in the world in its core field, that of creation of multiuser business simulations and complex virtual economies.

+ Earning VIC (VICoin) requires neither expensive mining equipment nor the use of megawatts of electricity. In order to develop a virtual business in an exciting multiuser economic gain one needs little time (starting at 30 minutes a day) and small upfront contribution (starting at USD 50).

+Actions and decisions of users impact the performance of their virtual companies and, consequently, the amount of cryptocurrency they dig.

+ VICoin tokens have the status of AppCoins and Utility Token, and being application coins they are free from regulatory risks.

+ From the moment of issuance VICoin tokens gave a ready-made naturalization channel: external services accept VIC at more favorable terms than fiat money. For example, from the very moment of issuance one can pay in VIC for a wide range of educational services by at a steep discount of up to 50%. The user can utilize these services himself or resale them to anyone at his own discretion. The number of partner resources will be increased actively.

+ Unlike the great majority of multiple self-replicating cryptocurrencies, VICoin is based on the creation of a true added value and on the activity of users aimed at building an ecosystem with applied value for the real economy. The true value of creation and expansion of a virtual economy in a global multiuser business simulation lies in the following


6. Roadmap

More Infomation VICOIN


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