RedCab - Decentralized Peer 2 Peer Transportation Solution ICO on the Blockchain

The blockchain technology is proven beneficial for improving functionality of different business sectors. Now the transportation sector is also trying to leverage the benefits of this cutting-edge technology. The RedCab is a blockchain based solution designed to offer better features and facilities through its decentralized ecosystem.

This platform was mainly formed to provide a flawless peer to peer transportation service. Whether you are an individual user or a business, you can gain benefit with the RedCab ecosystem. The underlying blockchain technology turns it into a decentralized platform that features each and every benefit of the blockchain technology. This platform is also offering native tokens to trade on this platform. So, let’s find out how effective the RedCab ecosystem is and should you invest in it or not.

Key features of RedCab platform:

It is a platform designed to offer a number of features so that the investors will gain more profit than other investors making by investing in other projects. The RedCab offers the following features.

Wide-ranging research: The RedCab Company has spent more than a year to research how the transportation industry work and how it can be better. This platform is equipped with the technologies and expertise required to extract the best out of the transportation services.

Thorough knowledge about how the market works: Whether you have great understanding of the transportation industry or not, the RedCab team has done extensive research to facilitate comprehensive knowledge about the potential market. Thus, the investors will know how they can succeed by investing in the beneficial assets.

Implemented the cutting-edge technology: When it comes to the implementation of the technology, The RedCab has invested in the most cutting-edge technology available today. It is a platform that is aimed to offer the best solutions for the transportation industry in the future. Therefore, it is designed by using state-of-the-art technologies such as the blockchain technology, AI, smart contract, etc. It has what the present is offering the best to turn the RedCab ecosystem into a pioneering solution for the futuristic demands.

Impressive returns

This company has spent a long time by doing research on how the business strategy can benefit the investors. They came out with some great solutions regarding impressive returns. The investors, drivers, vehicle owners, and the consumers will also gain benefits by using this platform. The rates would be quite low, but not for every RedCab user. Some people may get disappointed, but that’s what happens in every business.

Final thoughts

The transportation businesses have never got the true benefits offered by the blockchain technology. Other businesses were founding some great solutions while the transportation industry was waiting for its turn. Now the RedCab has come with some great solutions. This platform will certainly flourish, entertain the consumers, and gain a huge profit. So, it might be a great decision to invest money in the RedCab tokens. The sales will start very soon and then you can partake in the sales to buy the tokens and make a beneficial investment.


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Carry makes personal data fair for consumers, marketers and merchants

Carry is a platform that connects offline merchants and consumers using blockchain. Using Carry Protocol, merchants will be able to issue Branded Tokens (BT) which serve similarly to loyalty points. Users can earn BTs simply by providing their phone number to the merchants when making a purchase. Users can also earn CRE tokens or coupons when taking advantage of promotions or selling their personal data to advertisers/merchants.

There are two main components of the Carry Protocol, their blockchain and smart contracts solution, and their Carry Wallet and Carry Device APIs. The Carry Wallet will be the main hub for the consumer, where the can scan stores’ QR codes, make payments, and, if they choose, share their data with advertisers for compensation in the form of CRE, and BT that they receive from specific advertisements. The Carry Device APIs will be for the store’s end of things to provide support for in store devices, which will allow said devices to interact with the Carry Wallet, send it data, and BT.

For the backend, there will be the Carry Protocol blockchain, on which transaction data is stored, and will be interacted with when a customer makes a purchase, noting what they’ve purchased, the price, etc. This data will be strictly accessible by the customer in their Carry Wallet.

The team is also developing smart contracts that will be responsible for handling any automatic payouts/token transactions, and will also be used for minting BT for specific stores to use as loyalty points.

Consumers will be able to pay for services and goods with both crypto and fiat, but still benefit from the Carry Protocol even if paying with fiat. They will be able to scan a QR code, or share their device phone number and receive the same promotional deals or BT as if they were paying with crypto.

How advanced is the project?

Carry Protocol is founded by the team that established Spoqa, a brick-and-mortar rewards platform in South Korea. Spoqa currently has customer-facing tablets in 10,000 Korean stores with 15 million consumers.
The graphs below show the user base and check-ins of Spoqa since the company started in 2011.

The Carry Service is planned to launch on these tablets through an update that will only take a few minutes for merchants. The team plans to launch their testnet by Q4 2018 and have the system up and running in the second half of 2019.

The rest of the current roadmap is summarized as follows:

  • Q3-Q4 2018: Smart contract and protocol API
  • Q1-Q2 2019: Reference wallet and reference point-of-sale
  • Q3-Q4 2019: Production wallet and production point-of-sale
  • Q1-Q2 2020: Ad management system

What are the tokens used for and how can token value appreciate?

CRE tokens are going to be used for a number of things within the Carry Protocol.

On the merchant side of things, there will be a number of functions. To begin, the merchant is going to have to stake a certain amount of CRE for two things: 1) the creation of BT, and 2) their use of the smart contract. Depending on how much is staked, the merchant will be allowed a certain number of transactions/day. Another option here is a pay-as-you-go structure, paying CRE for each transaction.

From there, the tokens will be used as advertisement, incentive, and BT. Advertisers and shops will give/pay out a certain amount to consumers, and the consumers will use CRE or BT to pay for their purchases or receive discounts.

The value of these tokens hinges on the adoption of the project, in terms of users, merchants, number of check-ins, transactions, etc. The more adoption the project has, the bigger the network effect and the more valuable CRE tokens should be.

The Advisors Carry

Simon Kim
Simon Seojoon Kim is CEO and Partner of Hashed, a leading crypto fund based in South Korea. He is a Blockchain evangelist and organizer of Hashed Lounge, a premier Blockchain Seoul meetup community. Prior to Hashed, Simon was a serial entrepreneur and has co-founded numerous companies. He served as Chief Product Officer at Knowre, an ed-tech startup that was named one of World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Education by Fast Company.

Ryan Kim
Ryan Sungho Kim is Chief Acceleration Officer and Partner at Hashed. He is a serial entreprenuer specializing in data analytics. Previously, Ryan founded a mobile app builder serving more than 100 online retailers and sold the company to a unicorn enterprise. Following this exit, he led the algorithm team at the largest recommendation engine company in Korea.

David Park
David Park has over 20 years of experience as a product leader and management consultant for leading companies and firms including Facebook, Nextdoor and McKinsey & Company. Most recently, David worked as a product manager at Facebook, where he led the product team for Facebook’s Mobile App Install Ads, the world’s largest user acquisition channel for mobile apps with annual revenue in the billions of dollars.

Lily Liu
Lily Liu is a Co-Founder of, which was acquired by Coinbase. Previously, Lily built China's first private, foreign-funded general hospital, worked at KKR and McKinsey. She studied at Stanford and Harvard.

Darren Lewis
Darren Lewis holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science from Stanford University and previously worked as a Senior Engineer on the Gmail Team at Google. He has since worked in gaming, data analytics, computer vision, and quantitative finance, and spends most of his time these days hacking on AI and distributed systems.

Shaun Djie
Shaun Djie, an alumni of Singapore Management University, is co-founder of DigixGlobal and is also the founder of Ethereum Singapore meetup group - one of the largest in the world with over 6,800 members. DigixGlobal is the first company to conduct crowd sale and live transactions on Ethereum. The company launched DGX gold-backed tokens in April 2018. Shaun is a Technical Committee Member at the IT Standards Committee for Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies.


Ticker: CRE
Token type: ERC20
ICO Token Price: 1 CRE = 0.0079 USD (0.00001538 ETH)
Fundraising Goal: 24,700,000 USD (48,000 ETH)
Total Tokens: 10,000,000,000
Available for Token Sale: 40%
Whitelist: YES (14 JUN – 21 JUN, JOIN )
Know Your Customer (KYC): YES (14 JUN – 21 JUN, PASS )
Accepts: ETH

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Minerva is the world's first reverse merchant processor.

Minerva is a proposed cryptocurrency payment provider, and OWL is its cryptocurrency. We’ve created the “reverse transaction fee” (sustainable cashback for merchants) and incentivized coin parking options, both of which help combat violent short-term fluctuations. We’ve created, arguably, the most commerce-friendly cryptocurrency in existence. We’ve also conceptualized $x / free trial joins rolling over into monthly subscriptions. To my knowledge this, in addition to a sustainable (hi Jevgenijs) cashback system for merchants, has never been done before.

For cryptocurrency to “go mainstream” and actually be used as currency rather than solely as speculative assets, we believe that merchants need to be incentivized to join us. We also know that most merchants don’t want to hold bags, they want instant fiat liquidation.

OWL is a cryptocurrency meant to be used as a currency. We have lofty goals, mainstream ambitions and the pedigree to pull it off. We’ve recently taken on advisors with insurmountable knowledge in payment processing and will be announcing them soon. We’ve also been in talks with large merchant processors. We’re very few degrees of separation away from big players in ecommerce and processing. This is nothing new to us. Ecommerce is already our arena and it has been for a long time.

Minerva build out disruptive tech and unlock the doors necessary to turn it into something great. Expect a crowdsale in Q1 2018. Expect 1,000+ lines of Solidity in a public GitHub. Expect an aggressive and generous bug bounty program for hackers. Expect team addition announcements. Expect partnerships.

Minerva Advantage

What if Ripple provided a unique advantage to companies in industries beyond banking and other financial institutions?
‼ What if Bitcoin was not controlled almost exclusively by speculation?
 What if Ethereum’s mining rewards went to companies that accepted it as payment and were accrued by the merchant’s customers?

Minerva is committed to building a cryptocurrency with longevity that isviable to be used as actual currency. We believe the use of cryptocurrency as currency hasn’t yet been correctly executed. Bridging the gap between routine commerce and the crypto-space is essential for the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

Minerva takes a four pronged approach to achieving this goal:
+ Address the volatility issues present in cryptographic assets.
+ Incentivize merchants with a “reverse transaction fee,” which is more or less a system of sustainable cash back for merchants.
+ Request that approved merchants, in turn, pass their earnings onto their clients in the form of discounts or bonuses.
+ Facilitate trials and monthly subscription memberships with smart contracts and cryptocurrency

Specifications of Minerva

OWL is presently an ERC20 token and Minerva is a payment processor running on top of smart contracts built on the Ethereum blockchain. Following this standard, OWL are easily transferable between approved merchants and their clients by using ERC20-compatible wallets, and can be smoothly integrated into exchanges

Service and Application Layer
Certain OWL will be held and issued to approved merchants to serve as “signing bonuses” subjected to a slow-time- release and distributed on a first-come, first-served basis at a variable percentage of the bonus vault until a point where the vault becomes nearly exhausted rendering signing bonuses fiscally inconsequential.

Signing bonuses are in addition to bonus Minerva OWL issued to approved merchants via Proof-of-Transaction at a variable rate designed to ease inflation and combat violent price swings. With this model, OWL can be exchanged for services on integrated merchant platforms and released back into the market by approved merchants, thereby creating the added monetary value. Excluding the private pre-sale and final, public crowdsale, OWL cannot be generated by any other method.

This fundamental revenue-generating aspect of Minerva allows approved merchants to increase their revenue immediately upon implementation, and grants more flexibility to these merchants to reward their customers with discounts.

Financial Security Audits
The Minerva team commits to subjecting its platform to comprehensive financial security audits. We will implement multiple strategies to provide maximum transparency in the management of assets. The goal is to prove the following:

+ All integrated merchant profits are properly recorded.
+ The company is in possession of all declared funds.

For each merchant accepting the Minerva OWL as a payment method, we will create a view-only API key which will allow anyone to verify the balance and trade history of its account. To prevent abuse, monitoring and resource tracking will limit users from the exploitation of reward rate loops.

Integration & Usage

Risk Mitigation
The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has said, “There would then be multiple separate classes of cryptoassets: stable assets for trading, speculative assets for investment, and Bitcoin itself may well serve as a unique Schelling point for a universal fallback asset, similar to the current and historical functioning of gold.” While Bitcoin itself is not the unique Schelling point, our aim is for OWL to become a comparatively stable cryptocurrency which allows businesses to benefit by simply accepting it as a method of payment.

The reward system is designed so OWL enters the economy at variable rates, making efforts to ensure that demand does not cause short-term volatility. As is evident below with our first and immediate use case, we will be integrating with a large company at launch, and future businesses requesting integration will require vetting through a rigorous security-focused protocol.

Speculation, exchange scams, drug markets and the common negative publicity of cryptocurrencies will all have little-to-no impact on our partnered merchant platforms. Minerva tokens have utility beyond speculative value as they represent a practical medium of exchange between merchants and customers, as well as agents, contractors, vendors, content creators and more.

Merchant Incentives
Minerva provides a generous reward system for businesses that accept it as payment. Upon receiving Minerva OWL, each merchant is issued a bonus that resembles a credit card’s “cashback” incentive. When Minerva’s OWL is received from their customers, they are automatically liquidated to fiat.

Merchant incentives include:
+ Instant liquidity via API from Minerva-relevant exchanges.
+ The elimination of chargebacks and reduction of traditional fees.
+ More protective measures from short-term cryptocurrency price volatility.
+ Reverse transaction fees, a sustainable cashback system for merchants.
+ Eliminating the necessity of banks and credit cards in trial and subscription processing.

User Incentives
When customers pay using Minerva’s OWL, approved merchants have more flexibility to offer them discounts. This is because, rather than paying transaction fees, Approved merchants can be paid bonus OWL at the time of each approved transaction. Users are able to purchase OWL from any exchange or market where they are traded, transfer them to one of many ERC20-compatible wallets and spend them on Minerva-integrated platforms.

Immediate Use Case

The first merchant to integrate into the Minerva economy is a live-streaming service with $20MM in revenue and over 10 million users. We will show a clean and concise before-and-after revenue impact of integrating with Minerva. At this time, Minerva has been advised to temporarily withhold the name of our first partnered business. We aim to integrate across a wide spectrum of large niche and mainstream businesses spanning several industries by recruiting select groups into the Minerva Smart Money Alliance (MSMA).

Minerva Smart Money Alliance (MSMA)

The Minerva Smart Money Alliance (MSMA) is a proposed consortium of organizations that either accept OWL as payment or are strategically partnered with Minerva Technologies Limited, an Isle of Man based blockchain software company and parent entity to the Minerva platform. We plan to work with various groups and individuals to optimize value exchange and the secure storage and transmission of sensitive data. It should also be clarified that “Smart Money” is a double entendre specific to the OWL cryptocurrency and Minerva platform.

Token Sale

Early adopter participation takes place through a token sale dashboard accessible via 60,000,000 of roughly 100,000,000 total initial OWL tokens will be distributed in two token sales. A private presale followed by a final token sale. 40,000,000 Minerva will be excluded from the token sale which is described below in the “OWL RESERVE” section. After the initial roughly 100,000,000 OWL tokens are created, new token creation, apart from bonuses associated with merchant platform utility, will be halted permanently. Within 1 year (365 days) of the token sale an announcement will be made regarding any potential 1:1 token exchanges relating to any proposed private blockchain migrations. Such an announcement would be made via mailing list, confirmed on the website and across all official social media channels.

Private Presale: We will be holding a token presale which will likely be held privately for accredited parties. The hard cap for the presale is $3MM.

Final Token Sale: After the token presale the primary and final token sale will take place. The total hard cap between the private presale and primary public crowdsale is $10MM, and the soft cap is $1MM.

Token name: OWL
Price per OWL: $0.175
Total Funding: $10,000,000
OWL Tokens Distributed: 100,000,000
ICO Hard Cap: $10,000,000 - Presale
Discounts in regard to ETH contributed:
+ 0-2,000: 15% Discount
+ 2,000-2,500:: 12.5% Discount
+ 2,500-3,000:: 10% Discount
+ 3,000-3,500:: 7.5% Discount
+ 4,000-5,000:: 5% Discount
+ 5,000-6,000:: 3% Discount
+ 6,000-Hard Cap: 1% Discount

Token Sale ETH Hard Cap: Every contribution will be based on $0.175 per OWL, before discount. The token sale portal will be self-adjusting to the current price of ETH (Ethereum) at the time of contribution. We will adjust the hard cap of  the public and final token sale, prior to  the official launch, based on  the amount raised   in presale. If, $3MM raised presale, our, token sale’s hard cap will be set to $7MM worth of ETH. (i.e. 7,777.77 ETH @ $900 ETH estimated market price).

The Team of Minerva


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The market for crypto currencies is the most dynamic of our time. Digital currencies use public accounting systems to file transactions. We are convinced that the future of the current financial system will be dependent on the development of the Blockchain technology and on the reaction of the community.

The Blockchain can and will, in our view, be used to achieve a really strong, positive development of the financial system. For quite some time, our team has intensely worked on the blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies. We discovered, that due its strong volatility and high anonymity, people do speculate more with Cryptocurrencies than using the coins as a currency. This is why the idea of PAYERA emerged to use Cryptocurrencies free of worry.

We will create a secure multifunction‐platform which is going to be easy to operate with. After we had drawn up the initial concept, we secured ‐ after a brief presentation‐ interested partners and consultants and thus we have systematically built up our team. In the process of optimizing our main product down to the smallest detail, something extraordinary has emerged: An All‐in‐One‐conept that enables us to operate with even more flexibility in the market.

Vision And Mission

Our vision is to become the crypto enterprise with the biggest number of users worldwide, the place where crypto owners can do online-shopping worry-free. We are also seeking to become the leading global and universal crypto platform.

Our mission is, to be our customer’s first choice. The place, where you preferably buy with crypto. We have committed ourselves to perform all our actions economically and eco-friendly.

PAYERA Project Ecosystem

PAYERA: The payment platform with wallet and exchanger that enables tradesmen and private individuals to experience safe crypto shopping

SHOPERA: The user‐friendly online‐shop platform, where merchants and individuals have the opportunity to sell new and used goods. We have analyzed the most frequented online‐shop portals and focused on the most user‐friendly features of the providers. We want to make sure, that SHOPERA will be easy to operate and that you enjoy the best user‐expirience ever.
CARDERA: Your crypto‐payment‐card for everyday use, which offers more flexibility. The card is connected to your PAYERA wallet and you have the ability to to make purchases or withdraw Fiat‐money at ATMs as you are used to, except that you use the coins in your PAYERA wallet therefore


  • Easy: We emphasize great importance to security and a user-friendly operation.
  • Fast Transactions: Transactions will be conducted within few seconds
  • Seller and Buyer Protection: We guarantee consumer protection for all users
  • No Exchange Fees: You can change or sell cryptocurrencies as often as you want, we don't charge exchange fees
  • No fees for Buyers: Buyers are completely exempt from fees
  • Low fees for seller: Seller pay a very low fee which can even become less through positive recommendations
  • Multifunctional Concept: A provider where you can manage all your online transactions
  • Transactions free of charge: You can send internal coins to friends and acquaintances
  • Secure: We implement the latest blockchain technology, employing top level encryption across all of our services


Ticker: PERA
Standard token: ERC20
Total delivery: 2 100 000 000
Soft cover: $ 8 million
Hard Cap: $ 60 million
Date before ICO: 05/30 / 2018-06 / 15/2018
Prices ICO: $ 0.035 USD
Date ICO: 06/20 / 2018-07 / 18/2018
ICO Price: $ 0.05 USD
ICO Bonus: 25% of the Help
Payment received: ETC, BTC, LTC, DASH, BCH


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LocalCoinSwap: Decentralised P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange

LocalCoinSwap is a decentralized market that’ll allow sellers and buyers to directly trade using any cryptocurrency; the trade will be done using different payment methods. With this ecosystem, it’ll be simpler and easier to offer a safe, fast, uncomplicated P2P trading platform. This platform will let its users freely exchange cryptocurrencies without worrying about needless waiting times or verification requirements.

The most integral part of any exchange is its escrow system. The development team at LocalCoinSwap knows that very well as it’ll be using a highly secure escrow system, which will tackle all the inherent trust issues common in online P2P trading. Plus, this ecosystem is planning to support all the different choices of cryptocurrencies.

After considering all these aspects, this ecosystem will prove to be the catalyst for expanding the existing cryptocurrency market. The platform has all the right processes, algorithms, and technologies  that’ll eliminate the barriers preventing new traders to enter the crypto trading market.


Thanks to LocalCoinSwap, traders can purchase any cryptocurrency directly. Simply sign up to LocalCoinSwap, instantly, and without unnecessary verification requirements. User can search a wide variety of cryptocurrency ads for the best deal. LocalCoinSwap agree on the payment method and enter into a trade. LocalCoinSwap holds the cryptocurrency in escrow while direct payment is made between traders. Once payment arrives the cryptocurrency is released to the buyer, and the trade is complete

Purchase LocalCoinSwap Cryptoshares (LCS) through the Initial Coin Offering. The LocalCoinSwap exchange makes profits from the escrow fees in all the currencies traded on the platform. At the end of the quarter, 100% of the profit is distributed to Cryptoshare holders. If an investor holds 1% of LCS - they receive 1% of the profit, when new ICO’s are listed on the platform, all LocalCoinSwap Cryptoshare holders receive a small amount of that token in return for each Cryptoshare they own. Receive a continuous stream of income in multiple currencies, just from holding a single asset

LocalCoinSwap innovation

Directly trade any cryptocurrency, using any conceivable payment method, in any geographical location.

  • Community focused: Dedicated support team, integrated social media features
  • Community owned: 100% of profits distributed to users through the blockchain
  • Democratically operated: Operated through voting in a proof-of-stake system
  • World’s most inclusive exchange: Instant signup, no verification & no restrictions
  • Complete transparency: Public financial announcements, open-source contract code
  • Extensive coin coverage: More cryptocurrencies than any other peer-to-peer exchange
  • Cutting-edge security: Multi-signature transactions. 95% of funds in cold-storage
  • Intrinsic token utility: Dividend profits in multiple currencies. Airdrops of new ICO tokens

Why you should invest in LocalCoinSwap

LocalCoinSwap addresses some of the greatest issues of cryptocurrency markets

+ The cryptocurrency economy is currently filled with giant monopolies: LocalCoinSwap distributes 100% of the sites profits to holders of Cryptoshares on a 1-to-1 basis, through a blockchain-based decentralized dividend application.

+ The only available exchanges exclude many users and are unsafe or difficult to use
LocalCoinSwap is the world’s most inclusive exchange. There is no discrimination, instant signup, and no verification required. The trading interface is safe, easy, and fun.

+Existing P2P marketplaces support only a minuscule number of cryptocurrencies and payment methods
LocalCoinSwap will open with a minimum of the 10 most traded cryptocurrencies, expanding continuously to integrate more. The funds raised in the crowdsale are being used to increase the selection of currencies supported at launch.

+ Dominant exchanges suffer from centralized banking and trading restrictions
LocalCoinSwap features a completely distributed peer to peer trading system. There are no centralized bank accounts, no verification requirements, and no restrictions on trade.

Cryptoshare Benefits

Dividend Income Stream
LocalCoinSwap decentralises the most crucial part of the exchange: the profits. Cryptoshare holders receive guaranteed rights to 100% of the profits from trades on the LocalCoinSwap exchange.

Access to an entire portfolio from holding a single asset
Cryptoshare holders receive profits in all of the cryptocurrencies traded on the exchange, an income stream denominated across an entire portfolio of digital assets.

Cryptoshare holders run the exchange democratically in a proof-of-stake voting system
An open source democracy contract hosted on the blockchain publicly tallies votes on user-submitted issues to decide the operation of the exchange

Cryptoshare holders receive airdrops of new ICO tokens listed on the LocalCoinSwap platform
LocalCoinSwap provides a listing service for new ICO tokens to allow them to launch on the LocalCoinSwap platform or raise pre-ICO and presale funding. When new tokens are listed Cryptoshare holders receive an advance airdrop, as well as access to special offers on new listings

The marketplace

More cryptocurrencies, more payment methods
LocalCoinSwap will offer a wider selection of cryptocurrencies than any existing peer-to-peer exchange.
LocalCoinSwap will offer all conceivable payment methods for purchasing or selling, including custom options added by the community.

Community-focused, community-owned
LocalCoinSwap incorporates social media interactivity into the trading platform, with custom user profiles, friend lists, achievement badges and special awards.
Cryptoshare holders run the exchange together in a proof-of-stake voting system. Vote on additions of digital assets, site updates, new business ventures, and more.

Safe, secure, and hassle-free
Multi-signature transaction options available for supported currencies. 95% of site funds kept in offline cold-storage wallets.
Scenario-tested escrow system and global support team creates trustless trades between users. Interactive feedback and trust system promotes hassle-free trading.

ICO voite

LocalCoinswap ICO

  • Token code: LCS
  • Price per LCS: 0.4 US Dollar (USD) (1 USD = 2.5 LCS)
  • LCS maximum total supply: 100,000,000
  • Available through PRE-ICO/PRESALE/ICO: 70,000,000
  • Token burn: All unsold
  • Token freeze: All developer tokens for 1 year
  • Payment currencies: Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash (DASH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Australian Dollar (AUD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Canadian Dollar (CAD) & more
  • Soft cap: 500,000 US Dollar (USD)
  • Absolute hard cap: 20,000,000 US Dollar (USD) (remaining tokens destroyed)
  • Bonus structure: Community based
  • Transparency: Open source (public  GitHub)

Allocation of shares:

Use of funds raised from Cryptoshare issuance

Crowdsale Bonus Structure

The presale period will run with a bonus allocation of 40%. The presale will be closed immediately if 10,000,000 Cryptoshares are distributed. During the crowdsale period funding milestones have been set at each $5,000,000 increment.As each increment is reached all existing purchasers of the crowdsale event receive an additional 5% airdrop of Cryptoshares to be distributed once the crowdsale closes. These airdrops are also distributed to presale purchasers, but not to Cryptoshares held by the development team, security/bounty fund & new venture fund.

  • $ 5M OF FUNDING REACHED: All existing Cryptoshare crowdsale investors receive 5% additional Cryptoshares.
  • $ 10M OF FUNDING REACHED: All existing Cryptoshare crowdsale investors receive 5% additional Cryptoshares.
  • $ 15M OF FUNDING REACHED: All existing Cryptoshare crowdsale investors receive 5% additional Cryptoshares.
  • $ 20M OF FUNDING REACHED: All existing Cryptoshare crowdsale investors receive 5% additional Cryptoshares. Residual tokens are then destroyed to increase total value to all investors.



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AB Token - The future of Accounting at your fingertips

Businesses around the globe record their transactions separately from one another, creating duplication of work all along the supply chain, incurring great reconciliation costs, and are subject to fraud and error in each link of the chain. Accounting Blockchain will enable accounting software used by businesses to become integrated, hence removing this isolated accounting effect that is estimated cost the global industry billions of dollars a year and impedes accountants from dedicating their full potential in value creation work.

AB Fingertips Suite provides a seamless marriage of blockchain technology into the way business is done today, preparing businesses for tomorrow, and saving all types of businesses lots of time and money in the process. AB Fingertips suite is the way forward for businesses wanting to integrate into the supply chain through blockchain and to introduce the future way of doing business through crypto currencies seamlessly into their current business model and accounting practice.

AB Taxavance provides reduced dependency on tax accountants by serving as a 24/7 taxation assistant, intelligently updated with tax parameters by taxation industry leaders while being continuously updated with crypto trading data.


  • 1 blockchain dedicated to businesses/accounting - TAB
  • 2 initial applications utilizing AB Tokens
  • 155bn estimated token usage in 2020 based on:
  • 770k AB Taxavance users (4% market share)
  • 780k users (less than 1% global market share)
  • 6.5bn transactions on blockchain (<0.01% of global B2B transactions)


Accounting data is very sensitive and needs to be stored in a secure, trustworthy place. More so when this data involves multiple parties as the data needs to be stored in a secure place that is trusted by all parties. Mutability, malicious attacks, transactions costs, scams, lack of assurance of authenticity have all been barriers in providing a trusted common ground to store B2B entries that can be trusted by all parties. Thus the status quo prevails, and companies remain operating in relative isolation accounting-wise spending billions in reconciliation costs.

A trusted, secure common ground where to store triple entry information is the key to connecting businesses though triple entries. The Accounting Blockchain - a tailor made blockchain infrastructure built specifically for accounting and for triple entries. A platform available for everyone to be able to use without having to pay hefty subscription fees to any particular software company. A distributed, trustworthy, fast, secure common ground where businesses feel confident to connect with. This is only possible with the advancements in Blockchain technology.


Reconciliation of transactions between companies is a multibillion dollar problem. A small to medium sized company has hundreds/thousands of transactions between its suppliers and its customers, let alone large corporations. Each company must reconcile each and every transaction and the balances due have to be agreed upon. For a small company it’s a nuisance and a waste of valuable time, for a medium sized enterprise its about employing a few accountants for reconciliations with costs running into hundreds of thousands, and for a large corporation it’s about having huge reconciliation departments with hundreds of employees and millions in expenses.

Introducing a viable way to have triple entries that automatically connect businesses in their transactions. An accounting software platform built around the triple entry concept. A user friendly, really easy to use accounting platform that drastically reduces the costs of reconciliations by using the power and trustworthiness of blockchain to store triple entries. A catalyst in connecting businesses together and in incorporating the much needed blockchain technology into the accounting world.

Being proactive in tax decisions when making crypto investments is of the utmost importance to any sensible investor. Regulation and enforcement in this sector is gathering pace. Investments and trades are global and subject to a myriad of tax frameworks globally. The tricky part in this is finding all the information needed in one place to make wise decisions fast. Regulations are changing quickly, and it is imperative to have the correct knowledge while and after doing trades. Preparing tax reports and gathering all the information from exchanges is time consuming and very expensive when done manually by a tax accountant.

A really easy to use platform that keeps track of your trades and their tax implications. A platform with tax parameters fed by a global network of tax experts that is able to work out in real time the tax exposure of your crypto trades and investments. A global network of tax experts and collaborators at your fingertips. Pre-trading information including trade simulations to make proactive decisions. Keeping record of your trades and their current tax exposure should you buy more, hold, or sell. Issuing end-term tax reports of your trades and investments. AI assisted report input that may read reports from exchanges and setting up a common protocol to interface with exchanges. A true global 247 tax assistant.


AB mission is to empower the global accounting community with the numerous advantages and great trustworthiness of blockchain technology through products that fully integrate advancements in the blockchain field in the most efficient and practical way.

The vision is to introduce trustworthy platforms where all parties being big or small can embrace the advantages of blockchain technology without entry barriers and without discrimination, be it size, complexity or geographical location.


AB has gone through great lengths to explore the complexities of the challenges encountered by businesses and investors today and providing innovative and game-changing solutions with the sole purpose of creating a better accounting infrastructure to service the global economy. AB is committed towards creating a business environment without borders, connecting the accounting world through trustworthy blockchain based solutions.


Token Name: AB Token
Ticker: TAB
Token Standard: ERC20
Exchange Rate: 1 AB Token = $0.01 in the Initial Token Offering
Soft Cap: $4,000,000
Hard Cap: $64,000,000
Founder Vesting: Vesting ensures a long-term commitment from the founders towards the success of the project. Founders have a 3-year vesting schedule with a 6-month cliff. This means one sixth of the tokens will be matured every six months.
Unsold AB Tokens: Unallocated tokens that were available for sale in the ICO will be burnt.
Pre-registration & KYC: Preregistration for Phase I of the public token offer will begin in 2018. Preregistration and KYC procedures will be mandatory for all participants.

Get 500 AB Token Free


Use of ico funds:

Token ecosystem


AB Tokens can be used in 3 different ways. You can either subscribe to any one of the services offered by Accounting Blockchain, record accounting entries (triple entries) on The Accounting Blockchain and users can use AB Tokens to settle amounts due to each other.

Subscribing to the platforms offered by accounting blockchain
You can subscribe to all of the platforms offered by Accounting Blockchain. As per our roadmap, the first two available platforms will be:
+ AB Taxavance
+ AB Fingertips Suite

Whoever would like to subscribe to the above platforms, can make monthly payments to Accounting Blockchain by using AB Tokens.

Recording Triple Entries
Businesses can opt to record their B2B entries, irrelevant if they use Sage, Quickbooks or any other accounting software. Trillions of trillions of transactions can be recorded on blockchain technology. The more businesses record their transactions on The Accounting Blockchain, the bigger their savings in the form of professional fees such as accountancy and auditing.

Settle Amount Due
When transactions are recorded on The Accounting Blockchain, businesses can use AB Tokens to settle the amounts due to each other, which payments would be instantaneously and immediately recorded in the books of the parties sending and receiving the payment.


More Information


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TALAO The Reputation Protocol and DAO for the 100 million freelancing talent

ICO Talao is a new decentralized platform on the blockbuster, where companies will interact with freelancers and talents. The new project will provide an opportunity to find and mobilize the best talents in the industrial and technological sectors. According to the developers, companies will be able to find experienced freelancers in the talent market, based on their experience, skills and abilities, while the interaction will be carried out without intermediaries, and without commission

Key features

+ The Protocol of Certified Professional Reputation
Talao introduces a unique way for talent to own their professional reputation data thanks to a secured digital vault storing certificates on the blockchain.

With Talao, Freelancing Talent own their professional reputation, not the platforms. Sharing plans with agents are also available, allowing job boards and other marketplaces to use this unique feature.

100% on the blockchain, 100% own by Talent. Only usable with the TALAO token. Any Marketplace. Any job board. Anywhere.

Talao is the first international and fully decentralized organization managed by Talent. The Talao reputation system is designed to enforce professionalism and fairness in the ecosystem. It includes client satisfaction and community contribution. The Talao decision making system is made up of smart contracts to propose, vote and finally to change data used by the marketplace, the Reputation Vault and the DAO itself. All decisions are supported by Talent reputation.

+ 0% Commission, Middlemen-free marketplace
From escrow to payment, the marketplace uses Ethereum smart contracts. There are no middlemen and 0% fees taken by the platform. The marketplace business model is a Freemium model with feature prices set by Talent communities.

+ The Talao Token, fuel of the platform
The TALAO token is a utility token and ERC20 compliant. It is needed to access marketplace services, DAO functionalities and to manage a personal Reputation Vault.
It has 2 types of usage.
Tokens are either stacked as deposits (protocol stacking function written in the token smart contract) or transferred from client wallets to talents’ or community wallets (protocol transactional function).

+ Transparent and fair governance
Although it is incorporated as a company, Talao is not structured to distribute profits to its shareholders. If anything, profits are to be reinvested in the company to finance its future development. Company articles of association are public and a copy is uploaded to IPFS. The DAO voting process is a public smart contract too. As provided by Talao’s articles of association, the Board is composed of members who are appointed by the founders and DAO communities.

+ An escrow system with tribunal for conflict settlement
When fixed price contracts are paid with tokens and signed between
Talent and clients, funds are escrowed.
In case of conflict, a reputation based tribunal will settle the issue.

+ Multiple means of payment
Payments can be made in fiat or with crypto-currencies. This makes the platform adoption quick and easy and functionalities closer to the needs of client and talent.

Talao Platform Value Proposition

Talao will disrupt the talent-on demand market by creating the TALAO digital token, to be used by companies and talent to manage a fully peer-to-peer business relationship. Based on that token, Talao will propose the first fully distributed platform on Ethereum, thereby providing:
+ The first secured, global, fair and fully decentralized Talent Marketplace, managed by Talent as a DAO, which means 0% commission is to be taken by middlemen,
+ A unique way for talent to own their professional data with a secured vault storing professional certificates accessible on demand by recruiters and hirers,
+ A unique way for clients to trust the professional references of talent thanks to the certificates stored in the blockchain in the Reputation Vault.

Key Benefits of the Talao Platform for the Ecosystem

With the Talao Marketplace, talent can:
+ Increase their impact on the market by organizing themselves in Communities managed as Distributed Autonomous Organization -DAO-, leveraging the full power of blockchain,
+ Realize a reduction to 0% commission fees,
+ Increase their value on the job market with blockchain certified experiences when getting hired for a mission or after the completion of courses,
+ Use fiat and cryptocurrencies escrow account for payment,
+ Register with verified or anonymous profile,
+ Settle conflicts with no mediator fees.

With the Talao marketplace, a client / requestor can:
+ Find content: answers to questions, documents, MOOCs, etc.,
+ Conduct a direct search of the DAO talent database and access top talent Reputation Vault,
+ Hire talent for temporary or permanent missions (online calls, assignments, hiring),
+ Outsource a project to a pool of talent and manage contracts.

With Talao, talent can:
+ Sell access to his/her Reputation Vault,
+ Submit bids,
+ Apply for a mission,
+ Monetize his/her network,
+ Share/sell content.

TALAO token sale

Title: TALAO
ICO pice : 1 TALAO = 0,4875 USD
Cost of the token: 1 TALAO = 0,65 USD
Currency : ETH
Minimale Investition 100 ETH
Soft Cap 5.000.000 USD
Hard Cap 20.000.000 USD
Talao’s ambition is to be the first Reputation Protocol and DAO for the 100 million freelancing talent.

Bonus strucure:

  • From the 4th to the 11th of June : 25% bonus, 1 ETH = 1 250 TALAO
  • From the 12th to the 18th of June : 15% bonus, 1 ETH = 1 150 TALAO
  • From the 19th to the 25th of June : 10% bonus, 1 ETH = 1 100 TALAO
  • From the 26th of June to the 1st of July : 5% bonus, 1 ETH = 1 050 TALAO

2018 ICO token metrics
The Talao ICO is organized with pre-sales and sales phases.
The hard cap total for the ICO is 24000 ETH, the soft cap is 5000 ETH.
The only public pre-sale condition is a minimum investment of 10 Ethers.
The value of the TALAO token will be expressed in Ethers on the basis of 1000 TALAO for 1 ETH.

2018 ICO terms & roadmap
The ETH collect and TALAO token distribution will be managed by a public smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Only investments in ETH will be accepted after a process of KYC/AML and whitelisting.
TALAO tokens will be distributed at the end of the ICO.
All investors are permitted to participate, except US residents and persons residing in countries where the sale, purchase, trade or use of TALAO tokens is prohibited by law or regulation

The allocation

Token distribution

Market strategy

The go to market strategy is focused on ensuring quick and optimal adoption of the TALAO token from very specific communities. The Talao marketplace has client and talent as users, and the entire approach to success centres on the concept of a “virtuous cycle.” Satisfied clients attract more clients, mostly through word of mouth.

The best talent attract clients. Our conviction is that a new network effect boosted with tokens has to be at the heart of the go to market strategy. The opportunity to incentivise early adopters with TALAO tokens and to develop an efficient go to market strategy is a key driver.

The Talao Ambassador Program for Influencer is designed to offer a token package and a marketing campaign in exchange for community development and management. The Talao Ambassador Program for business acquisition is a token with 10% bonus for the first 6 months’ revenues brought to the marketplace by one Talent with a Reputation Vault opening.

For clients the go to market roadmap is to propose private freelancing marketplaces. These marketplaces have customers’ specifications for web design, login process, confidentiality, data management and contractualization.

The market strategy talent side
Focus on particular Talent markets: Focus on markets where skilled freelancers are rare. Talao has already opened communities to Aerospace & Defence, Greentech & Energy, Open Source Committers, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, Robotics, Legal Services, AI & Data Science, Security Consultants, Marketing Services, DevOps and Full stack developers

Identify community influencers and engage them to use Talao with Ambassador programs: Propose
the best known influencers to drive communities and influence within the DAO. Propose medium to high amount of token allocation.

Deploy Ambassador programs for business acquisition: Propose TALAO tokens to Talent who bring their clients and business to the Talao marketplace. Propose low amount of token allocation.

The market strategy client side
Propose Private freelancing marketplace to large customers: Private freelancing marketplaces have customers’ specifications for web design, login process, confidentiality and data management (White label or Talao branding).

Propose marketing campaigns to key players for talent acquisition: Marketing campaigns include prepaid content, institutional communication and press relations.

The team

Entrepreneurs, pioneers of the first hour of the Internet, building on the success of 3 IPOs, and the development of eMindHub: leading platform connecting talent and blue chip companies. Heirs of 2.0, now with Talao we are pioneers of 3.0. And with Talao, we bring to life the values of the community blockchain.

Disruption: in love with a France that is evolving, always moving, we ourselves positioned at the forefront of technology and anticipating the major changes that will shape the entire world of work.

Integrity: It is the foundation of our project: transparency and security of a service based on blockchain, kindness and sense of mutual trust within a community.

Empowerment: This is the essence of Talao, its reason for being. It is the core in the design of a platform built to revolutionize the workplace by empowering Talent.

The Talao project should be considered firstly as a mixed centralized/decentralized then ultimately a fully decentralized, public and secured platform. The initial eMindhub environment is based on an open source CMS and SGBD. Artificial Intelligent algorithms are coded with native language and executed on a remote server. Launched in 2015, the eMindHub marketplace is currently in production. The Talao target architecture is a set of Ethereum blockchain Dapps based on smart contracts possibly associated with off-chain data and off-chain programs. Off-chain data and programs are then indestructible and tamperproof to reach DAO standards. The technical framework includes open source projects like DAOstack, OpenZeppelin, Blockcerts, IPFS, BigchainDB.

Ethereum smart contracts are non-censorable programs that live on Ethereum blockchain and have their executable code and internal states, including storage for variable values, Ether and dApp token balance. Ethereum smart contract can solve a number of data management problems. It provides a distributed and permanent record of transactions that can be encrypted to provide access to users, and new transactions are added and verified according to protocols that ensure consensus.

If you are interested in this project please find out more information here:

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Ubcoin ICO Crypto-Goods Exchange Market Coin

What is Ubcoin?

The Ubcoin is a first of its kind crypto-goods person to-person exchange that is using marketplace platform so that anyone can safely and instantly sell any good’s and become cryptocurrency holder or buy any good’s and forget about getting fiat money first.

How it works?

Watch our funny animated video explaining how Ubcoin Market works.

Ubcoin goal

is to help solving a global problem of buying and selling cryptocurrency by removing an interlayer of fiat money controlled by regulators and replacing it with fisical goods

Reasons to invest for Ubcoin

App is already developed and exclusively pre-installed on all Samsung and Fly smartphones, including Galaxy S9. Official contracts signed.

We are a mature company with leading banking platform which is called UBANKmobile App already has over 16 million installations worldwide. Check our GooglePlay and AppStore.

Product of Ubcoin

Ubcoin Marketplace — the next leap forward for Ubank, leading mobile payments app in Eastern Europe. Now with Ethereum blockchain, exchange-traded UBC cryptocurrency, and peer-to-peer smart contracts for buying goods for cryptocurrency. Ubcoin Market will become part of Ubank app as a new feature.

Mass adoption: We promote mass adoption of digital assets that are both a means of settlement and an investment vehicle.

P2P interaction: Cut out as many intermediaries as possible. The platform facilitates smart contract execution between independent parties.

Legal marketplace: We are developing an AI technology to pre-screen seller postings for potential infringements of reason, morality, safety and due care.

Ubcoin today

UbcoinMarket is the new feature of Ubank app. We know how to treat investors well and deliver on our promises.

+ 16+ million: Ubank app downloads on Android and iOS. And over 5 million registered users globally.
+ 2,5+ million: Monthly active users in Ubank and over 200.000 daily active users.
+ 20+ million: Transactions are processed by Ubank system every year since 2013.

Why should you trust Ubcoin?

Ubcoin already launched 3 successful business projects: Navifon, Utalk, Ubank.

NaviFon is a free mobile navigation application, designed specifically for mobile devices, and has all the functions of the portable device. Works on all mobile platforms: Windows Mobile, iPhone, Java, Symbian S60 ed.3 and S60 ed.5., Android, BlackBerry, and Bada. It allows using a phone as a full GPS navigator. Since 2007, NaviFon has been installed by Samsung on phones at the factory. It is available for download in all popular applications stores: iTunes Store, GetJar, and Android Market.

uTalk is a free client for messaging between phones and computers. With uTalk you can send free pictures, voice and text to your friends from any social network, chat in groups, and view your friends locations. uTalk supports various protocols such as AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, XMPP/Jabber, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Google Talk, Gadu-Gadu, ICQ, MobileMe/iChat and Facebook.

UBANK convenient management of all bank cards. One convenient application for all your bank cards. Ubank help you manage bank cards in one place and make the right decisions about your money. More than 3 million users - join!

All cards in one application: Download all bank cards - and manage them in one place in a couple of clicks, easily and quickly. This is more convenient than a separate complex mobile bank for each card.

Samsung and fly us trust: The application is preinstalled on Samsung and Fly smartphones - they are sure that we are useful for their users.

Earn cashback:
- Instant payment in one click from any card:
- fines traffic police
- Internet (Akado, Yota, Rostelecom, Comstar, OnLime, QWERTY, etc.)
- mobile (MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, Tele2, Smart, NSS, Skylink, etc.)
- TV (Cosmos TV , NTV +, Tricolor TV, etc.)
- Housing and communal services
- online games (World of Tanks, etc.)
- loans, etc.
After paying for some services (every month - different) you will receive 10% cashback for a virtual purse in UBANK. Transfer this money to any card and spend on what you love!

Momental translations with the lowest commission: The lowest commission for transfers between cards of different banks: only 1.1%. There is no one below, seriously! And you can transfer money to friends by phone number.

Free from the mountains of the discount card: Add all discount cards - and get rid of a heap of plastic. Wear and show at the checkout only a smartphone.

Accept the right decisions: We will send you a reminder to make a regular payment or transfer and show the statistics on your spending. All in order for you to better manage your money and live happier.

Data protection: 3D-Secure technology guarantees the security of operations with bank cards - your money is safe.

Ubcoin ICO

ICO will be held from 2 April till 14 July. UBC Token pricing + Bonuses for early investors. UBC token is native to peer-to-peer marketplace ecosystem. Smart contracts will not accept other cryptocurrency.

Token distribution:

31% Reserve Pool. 201 500 000 tokens max
12% Team Allocation. 78 000 000 tokens max
3% Community Rewards. 19 500 000 tokens max
45% Public Placement (ICO). 292 500 000 tokens max
4% Bounty Advisors. 26 000 000 tokens max
5% Limited Private Pre-Sale. 32 500 000 tokens max

Long-Term Token Value

Native to ecosystem: We promote mass adoption of digital assets that are both a means of settlement and an investment vehicle.
Fee discounts: Cut out as many intermediaries as possible. The platform facilitates smart contract execution between independent parties.
Token buyback program: We are developing an AI technology to pre-screen seller postings for potential infringements of reason, morality, safety and due care.
Reserve pool: Blockchain allows for decentralized initiation, settlement and fulfillment of transactions. Payments are immediate upon performance under smart contracts.
Anti-dumping measures: Our interface design brings harmony and seamless experience of buying and selling goods globally.
Token burn program: We strive to open our API to develop best adaptations of the platform for specific local needs. Also we envision engagement of third-party providers (i.e. delivery companies, notaries).

Who is Behind Ubcoin (UBC Token) ?

The team behind the platform has tons of experience and has been working together for almost a decade, since 2009 to be exact. As of now, there are more than fifty people working on the platform. With a of them being developers, cryptographers and technical wizards. The top management in the company is a rich mix of individuals, each of whom have experience in a multitude of different industries.

Along with the team working on the platform, there are several advisors who are backing the company and ensuring it moves forward, hitting the smallest amount of speed bumps as possible. The team is courageously moving the project ahead while focusing on turning the newer technology into a widely adoptable, tuned experience that uses the most advanced technology available, so it can be used by the most amount of people possible and give them the ultimate experience.

Felix Khachatryan is the CEO and founder of Ubcoin and experience in several different sectors of the tech industry. He’s only one of the many when it comes to team behind the scenes.

As far as the team specs go and their bios, they’re very thorough and have links to several different social media profiles. Each of them looks legit, although I haven’t actually verified them myself. Not only that, but there is a highly-detailed roadmap on where the company is headed. It’s far too massive to include all of the roadmap details on this review, but you can see it for yourself at the company website.



More infomation

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Triggmine a decentralized network and protocol for email marketing automation

Triggmine is an intellligent system for email marketing automation based on blockchain technology and smart contracting. This service enables eCommerce entrepreneurs to run cost-effective email marketing campaigns using AI-based systems. Smart contract guarantee from the selection results. Blockchain technology ensures 100% safe use and benefit from Triggmine.


The Triggmine team has created a truly intelligent system that not only automates email delivery but also adjusts to ever-changing business parameters and individual characteristics of each customer. This is possible due to the technologies adopted in their solution: AI and blockchain.

What is an intelligent system?

Consider a very simple example: you visit an online store, register, and add items to your shopping cart, then decide to leave the website without completing the purchase. Ten minutes later, you get an email offering you a discount if you return and complete the purchase. This email is the product of a “trigger system”. Based on simple rules, a trigger system takes into account simple actions «added to a cart» and «left the site», which together trigger an email message to follow up on the customer’s abandoned shopping cart.

How it works

Email marketing automation is an unparalleled trend in the business world. But entrepreneurs still can not fully utilize it because of the lack of professional knowledge time WE WANT TO CHANGE THIS With this in mind, we designed Triggmine, the first solution that allows entrepreneurs to run their business instead of email campaigns. This is possible because of a mixture of artificial intelligence, smart contracting, and best practices in marketing.

Email Marketing: Triggmine takes on how entrepreneurs can reach their customers to a new level. Just one click, and a personal campaign is created.
Artificial intelligence: Intelligent systems help define unique customer needs, making email campaigns cost efficient.
Consensus: Consensus is a guarantee we will meet user expectations. In other words, we take responsibility for our user’s business results.


For Business Owners
Switch your Business to Play Mode: The smart contract will allow every business owner to fine-tune their email marketing approach without the financial risk and wasted effort.

For Crypto Fans
Participate in AI Revolution Email: Welcome to Triggmine universe where the cryptocurrency team with AI is developing a revolutionary service. Join the first platform that combines the power of AI and blockchain to supercharge email marketing - and grow in value at the same time.

For Traditional Contributions
Supporting Proven Trends: Artificial intelligence is on everyone's lips. Be the first to contribute to off-the-shelf solutions based on blockchain technology.



  • Pre Sale (6PM UTC 16th April - 30th April 2018)
  • Triggmine tokens distribution cap: 30 000 000 Triggmine tokens (3 000 ETH)
  • Cryptocurrency accepted: ETH
  • The token’s price: 1000 TRG = 0.1 ETH
  • The minimum purchase amount: 0.1 ETH
  • Amount of tokens per one person: unlimited
  • Minimum transaction amount in Ethereum: 0.1 ETH
  • Maximum transaction amount: unlimited
  • Public Sale (6PM UTC 11th June - 11th July 2018)
  • Triggmine tokens distribution cap: 150 000 000 Triggmine tokens (15 000 ETH)
  • Currency accepted: ETH, BTC
  • Amount of tokens per one person: limited
  • Minimum transaction amount in Ethereum: 0.1 ETH
  • Minimum transaction amount in Bitcoin: 100 Triggmine tokens
  • Maximum transaction amount: limited
Token Distribution & Token Sale Bonuses


Global business globalization is no longer a trend, but a reality that businesses must adopt. Otherwise, they risk falling off their customers' radar. SaaS marketing automation solutions can save them from slipping into the bottom of the eCommerce world.

Small and medium-sized businesses are at their most difficult stage
business, because they need to approach global and local markets to succeed, but they do not have the right marketing opportunities to do so.
Email marketing automation can accelerate the growth of SMEs. However, existing tools do not work for them because of their high cost and unsuitable features. Therefore, it is very important to develop an adequate solution that will produce the desired results at a low price.

Triggmine streamlines the email marketing process for SMEs and helps them build attractive customer relationships. Triggmine is a combination of AIdriven solutions for AI-based email marketing and blockchain technology, highlighted by seamless integration, easy-to-use, experienced teams, and loyal partners. The result is an unprecedented off-the-shelf solution to speed up your business.



To find more relevant details of the Triggmine project, please follow some sources for the following references:

For More Information:


Bitcointalk Username: hoangbinmcc
Bitcointalk Profil Link:;u=1330327

Developeo is a multi business Blockchain backed company

DEVELOPEO - World’s Most Needed TOKEN / Platform For Developers, the Industry and the Investors.

The Developeo platform seeks to solve all the problems of the 4th Industrial Revolution, OpenSource & Commercial Software Development and problems that await Humanity, with a never-before-seen reward pool and a highly beneficial revenue model along with ambitious targets; such as DEVX BootCamps, DEVX Certification, DEVX Marketplace, DEVX Advisory Services and finally the Developeo University.


Developeo is a blockchain startup and platform, which aims to revolutionize the open-source ecosystem by introducing a token-based reward system. Depending on the amount and quality of code that an engineer has contributed, Developeo will reward contributors with tokens which can be instantly converted to fiat currency on any crypto exchange. The contributed code will be reviewed by community project managers and the community, before the rewards are distributed to the developers’ wallets.

Developeo will be built on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling talented engineers to get rewarded for their software code contributions through smart contracts. The rewards will be distributed in DEVX tokens. There are over tens of millions of engineers involved in the open-source software community and the bigger chunk of the contributions are left unrewarded, except for some “big brand” prizes. We believe that for the long-term health of the open soure community and the projects that they build to survive, the contributors should be rewarded accordingly.

We appreciate and love the Open Source community. What Developeo is suggesting to them is that they continue what they are doing exactly in the way they are doing without any bother and just become members of Developeo platform in order to receive their rewards in exchange for their contribution to any Open Source project. Thanks to the Github API, we are able to fully monitor their contributions. Rewards are distributed at the end of each month by a voting system we call "decentralized voting system" that is similar to reddit.

In a nutshell, blockchain is mined with actual effort and distributed at month-ends.

The initial number of reward tokens, which is starting with 60,000,000 DEVX Tokens, will grow with every takeback and reach to 100,000,000 USD level thanks to Developeo's policy on revenue share by the revenue models and its great economic planning that results in continuous takeback.

In the short and long term, this will ensure that Developeo establishes a large network of high quality developers in an effective manner.

Both the Open Source community and our users will surely benefit from the fact that Developeo's community is large and high quality in all of the business models we develop. By making use of the community itself, our business models will provide amazing opportunities for them and for Developeo

How it works?

Developeo’s platform, allows the open –source community a simple login using their Github account. The decentralized platform will be driven by both software developers and project managers who will oversee the software development and have a heavier influence on evaluating the quality of code committed.

The DEVX Token

Developeo will operate its native ERC20 token, which will go by the symbol DEVX. The token will be a utility token, which means its purpose goes much deeper than speculation on exchanges. The DEVX tokens will have several applications within the Developeo platform itself, including:
+ Rewards for committed code on the open source projects/platform
+ As a currency in the Developeo marketplace
+ Registration for bootcamps, certification programs and the university, as payment with the DEVX token will actually lead to a significant discount in price.

By making the DEVX  token  an  integral  part  of  the  operations  and  user  experience in the Developeo platform, the demand for the token will be naturally increasing proportional to the growth in the user base of Developeo. Thus, unlike most blockchain projects, the token demand will be driven by its actual utility case rather than speculative purposes.
600,000,000 DEVX Tokens

Initial Coin Offering

While the Developeo platform is in a development stage, the team looks to fund the project with a token sale in the Q1 and Q2. With a potential user base upwards of 10 million, the platform needs to be developed in a scalable way in terms of infrastructure.

The token sale is planned as follows:
480,000,000 DEVX for Private Presale - Public Presale - Public ICO 120,000,000 DEVX for Developeo
+ 120M Token Breakdown:
+ 20 million tokens Founders
+ 60 million tokens Rewards + Reserve
+ 20 million tokens = Extra layer of protection against market speculation ( i.e pump & dump)
+ 15 million tokens = Bounty
+ 5 million tokens = Team
Hard Cap = 480,000,000 DEVX TOKENS
Perfect economical system with DEVX Token, will have the most wanted & powerful supply of specialized professionals & students & leaders while having a huge user base thanks to the Reward Pool and Revenue Share and Developeo business models.

Increases Developeo's supply. All parts of the financial ecosystem feeds each other. Services & Revenue models create demand. To use or participate in Developeo business models DEVX is needed, creating a demand / supply balance.

The token demand will be driven by its actual utility case, rather than speculative purposes. Also buyback/takeback is natural for DEVX. With each demand, also reward pool increases helping strong supply, strong demand, great financial ecosystem. Rewards help Developeo’s user base. User base helps Developeo’s all revenue models / services


$8,15Billion. That’s the amount global investors staked in edtech companies in the first 10 months of 2017.,

In 2016, global investments in Chinese edtech companies rose to $1.2 billion, according to Goldman Sachs — to put that into perspective, that’s more than triple the amount raised in 2014.


In 2017, the bootcamp market grew by 1.5x, to an estimated 22,949 graduates in 2017, up from 15,077 in 2016. As a point of comparison, we estimate that there were 79,650 undergraduate computer science graduates from accredited US universities in 2016. This market has grown 10.5x since 2012 when coding bootcamps first launched.

Average tuition price of qualifying courses is ~$13,000, with an average program length of 14.1 weeks. Bootcamps are trending longer – up from 12.9 weeks in 2016


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Full-stack programming
  • Smartwear
  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity
  • Esports
  • Data science & art
  • Augmented reality
  • Smart homes & cities
  • Future finance & banking
  • Virtual reality
  • Iot (internet of things)


DEVX Bootcamps: 14-16 Weeks - $11,400 to $13,000

For students & Professionals who potentially want to change their profession.

Hardcore Intensive programs with the best experienced instructors, completely specialized education, where top leaders in their fields create future leaders of modern technologies. Graduates will be very valuable to top companies, with a focus on practical education, as they’ll be way ahead of other graduates coming from Universities.

DEVX Verified: 5-10 Days - For Employees of SME's and Enterprises
A testing/certification Program for Employees of Companies. Developeo will teach and verify the employees while testing and reviewing how ready and flexible they are for upcoming technologies.

Hardcore testing without compromise. Our main aim here is to establish a reputation and recognition for accuracy and reliability.


As Developeo believes that the world will begin to utilize "smart contracts" as legal contracts of the future, it needs to be easy and manageable by everyone, students, parents, anyone. Thus Developeo plans to create their own blockchain with a new smart contract system for managing the learning/admissions process.

Also this blockchain will be integrated with future banking systems. PSD2 Banking and API Banking will be the future of banking systems expected to be implemented during 2018 and Developeo plans to create a One-Click-Student-Loans for it’s platforms; (either in Fiat or DEVX Tokens) all handled within DEVX platform.


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Author: Hoangbinmcc